Speed dating good to go??

  • Hi All

    Any one joined SD events before ?? Can you meet new friends ?? i am single for long... and wanna join. & i finding any good company.

    by the way, any one hear this one:


    i have lot of fd saw their event post. Good to go ??


  • 聽講好多媒.

    我覺得係你自己肯唔肯comproise. 樣ok ge 女(已經唔係講緊女), 性格都ok, 基本上一定有人追, 洗鬼去SD?

    如果你好似我咁唔肯comproise, 唔去好過, 無謂浪費時間.

    我諗D 唔靚(唔係醜, 只係唔靚) GE女都應該有. 可能係36C, 然後140-150lbs, 有個肚腩仔咁lor. haha~

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