36 Decent Man sincerely looking for Secret Relationship with a lovely sweet lady

  • 36 Decent Man, Smart  good looking, Sporty strong build, 6 inches hard thick, skillfull long lasting, open mind with sense of humour, stable mgt work, Sincerely looking for a Sweet Lady who will like to have some dating and accompany with in the weekdays or holidays, have a coffee, hang around, movie, dinner, drinks, hugs, kiss, sex, anything goes......casual or secret relationship, sp, sl....whatever... lets have a chat and see ? MSN alex35hk@hotmail.com

  • lady free today here ? lets have a chat and see ?

    MSN alex35hk@hotmail.com

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  • msn chat ? lady ? girls ?

  • may i know why you need secret lovers? becoz you are married / engaged?

  • why ? surely boring and feel lonely here soemtime, will likes to have someone who the same to share with, not into serious commitment, something more casual to accompany with and have some good time with. If you wanna know more, why dont you add me for some chat ? and i am just free here ~

  • any ladies still here ?

  • any ladies still here ?

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  • ... lets have a chat ? MSN alex35hk@hotmail.com

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