Looking for decent gentlement who is patient and sincere enough to develop further... Is there any?

  • I am a married lady who is 33 yrs old. I prefer gentlement who is above 33, non-smoker and willing to develop sincere and long term SL relationship. Please kindly briefly introduce urself and leave your msn here! Look forward to your reply!

  • I am a married guy 39 yrs old. also looking for a SL relationship. 5ft 10, 165 pounds. working in a design industry.

    msn me : marriedman_max@hotmail.com.hk

  • i am a mature guy and live alone..have car and free in a lot of time..sure like to share feel and ideas...like sports too..pls add me to share more in details..


  • I am 4x guy, mind to chat in MSN ?


  • Hi Katelyn, how are you? I'm 35 and am interested to know you better. I'm married as well. Hope to know you better. Add me at brendon1@live.hk for futher chat. See you ^^

  • Hi Kate,

    I am 36, married too. I do not smoke and occasionally drink. I am caring, sincere, want to look for quality relationship than quantity. It is never easy to find a sl who both into each other and can communicate well.

    Just like the mark six, you will never get rewarded if you never buy it. However, the difference is we may have the opportunity to control our outcome this time.

    My msn is happymanhappyu@hotmail.com

    Take care...

  • Katelyn, nice to meet you, i am 34 yrs old, 178cm tall, single and decent. Being top management and living by myself in kowloon side. And i would like to develop a SL relationship. Please add blueskyerlsc@hotmail.com

  • ..patient and sincere enough to develop further...

    sincere, i think is one of important needs for further development. however, good communication and confortable feeling are the other important elements for a relationship

    wonder if you have interest to chat further. drop me an email then.


  • Good evening, lady, after review your messenge, feel that you are so serious in the nice relationship with mature man, i think i am the good one to you, seem we have similar situation,i guess we can share more in our real to make ourslf become comfortable & anjoyable together. Hope to talk with you more in private soon....

    my msn, wwfskill@yahoo.com.hk

    Thanks & see you soon,

  • Hello Katelyn,

    I'm a 42s married gentlemen, 180cm & decent & kind look. Hope to have long term SL relationship with the one who can share and be communication together. Bring us simple happy at all.

    Please add me MSN esonmo@hotmail.com

  • hello, katelyn

    I am 34 aged and attached,

    i have a stable job, work from Mon to Fri,

    looking for a decent and nice sl too,

    hope we can chat further

    my msn is hot2tea@hotmail.com

  • katelyn

    i am a married guy, age 40, general office man, non-smoker, social drinker.

    i am looking for a sl who is also married, mature-mind, pleasant, considerate, and also a patience person. if you want to start a conversation please write to patchan2006@gmail.com. we can have more talks there if you like.

  • hi katelyn,

    i am 40+ married guy, never smoke, also hope can find a serious and long term sl who can cimmunicate and share happy n unhappy, if u dont mind i am too old, we can chat on msn



  • Hi katelyn,

    Nice to meet u. I'm a 40 aged married guy, 175cm, 150lb. Decent and outgoing appearance. Stable job and have a car. Hope you may add me and let's keep in touch, msn: moses1@live.com

  • 36 normal guy, like eat, engineering field worker ricebuckle@hotmail.com

  • dear all,

    thanks for your reply and do add some of u... but sorry that i may not be able to chat with u tonite~ anyway, thx for replying my thread!

  • m replied at 2012-07-08 12:39 am


    Hi katelyn,

    Nice to meet u. I'm a 40 aged married guy, 175cm, 150lb. Decent and outgoing appearance. Stable job and have a car. Hope you may add me and let's keep in touch, msn: moses1@live.com


    sorry, moses1@live.com should be read as moses1@live.hk

  • Hi Katelyn, i am 43 mature man, non smoker, height 179, i am a care and gentle person ,i would like to meet a decent lady for care ,,share everything,,,and enjoy the romance when together,,pls leave me a mail and i will add your MSN acc,,thanks


  • hello, katelyn...

    I am a 34 aged gentleman and looking for long term sl relationship too,

    I work at wanchai...office work,

    I have gf and I am a car owner,

    looking forwards to receive you message, please contact me at bmanbman@live.hk

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