SL 就是那麼被動嗎?

  • 為何總要等待? 我唔想等, 想要自主權, 唔想就人時間, 我唔岩做這個角色嗎?

  • I am looking for someone to hang out with. Dinner, movies, drinks and more. I am a guy, 36 years old, 6 ft tall and sporty type. Decent looking and clean. Please add my MSN: Hope we can chat and get to know each other more first.

  • you get your choice

    SL game is a game for two, not for 1

  • SL 一向唔會真正得到對方, 只係FOR 一場GAME, 如個GAME 完了就=玩完,

    同埋無將來, 只得目前. 視付你/妳點樣去睇. 只可以享受目前不唸將來就得. 因為跟本上係無.

  • Im alfred, 2x, about 176cm, 140lbs, decent looking.tall, strong and fit, decent, well-educated, nice, caring, non-smoking. Add my MSN: . Hope we can chat or meet up some time .

  • 咪玩啦.....我係仔

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