After years...

  • Life proceeds, after years.

    We encountered, we met, we communicated, we felt, and finally we had good times in our lives.

    Fortune was up and down, it's nothing new. Calm days, busy days, damn days, dire days, and now back to square one. Life asks for some fun not because what we had was insufficient but fun is part of life.

    I am here (again) looking for nobody specific, since I do not know where this leads me to, whom this brings me to. Yes, it's adventurous, but is it exactly why it's fun?

    Anyway, here is a thread for possibilities. Ladies are all welcome, and gentlemen, for sure you are welcome too. It would be great if you (lady) are looking for some fun, maybe or may-not-be sexual but definitely must-be flirting and sensational. We can chat, communicate, and more. Yes, I have no idea where it ends up, but here is the beginning.


  • oopssss...

    pointless not to chat here but always welcome for a private one - my msn: open for ladies and ladies only ;-)

  • life is organic, and so is this thread. i am not always online or here for response and that's why you can be creative to bring up topics here. also, that's another reason why i am open to msn, i am more frequently online there.

  • can i sign up?

  • hahaha, sign up for what, dilly? it requires no sign up process here but time will tell

  • pickupartist,

    the virtual dilys admiring u for very long time since mid oct, fine, to u, no deadline.

    i know might be too heavy for u but i dun kinda blind it up.

    romance is our ground base, packaging with cares, car drives and some experiences, finally as fun. fun, once a life with u, never regret.


  • got you, dilys

  • pickupartist,

    : )


    get me, got me,

    got you, get you,

    gotta us, gotta we, gotta be one.

  • 這些年來-張國榮



    任何樣子都可 似雪片掠過星河



    就如重新學做人 你比那過去還要多

    談戀愛這些年 誰可叫我想念




    談戀愛許多年 留低過幾張臉



    全因躺於你面前 至倖免

  • seems some ladies here are fond of singing - why don't we organize a karaoke party? ladies preferred... hohoho

    or at least 50/50 for guy/gal ratio

  • seems the proposal is not welcome... ;-(

  • any funny gathering you have participated?

  • Pickupartist,

    No funny gathering yet! Till didnt meet you.


  • pickupartist replied at 2012-04-13 12:00 am


    seems the proposal is not welcome... ;-(



    Due to no view rates, I guess the view rates, you and me binding a lot, and I posted your thread to my thread already,

    still not gonna help much!!!

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  • doesn't matter as it always come in time... timing is important, it's the wisdom of the ancient king solomon.

  • 古巨基 - 完美的一天

  • 有誰是dilys的fans



    Mucho Gracias,


  • 分享我在很忙的初戀那時,男朋友要去外國讀書,



    他去做part time,那時知道何時會完結,但很享受每一秒可以一齊的時間,


    諗諗吓,初戀那個是真正的Mr Right,二個人一見鐘情+身心靈結合+共同興趣

  • 昨遲人-許志安


  • pickupartist


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