Any interesting 3P experience

  • Me and my female sex partner had our first 3P with another guy. It was not my first group sex but it was for my SP.

    It is very interesting how she enjoys it so much. Honestly from my experience, for 3P and more. It needs more men than women. Because women can take a lot of men. If it is going with MFF, it is better that a woman is very Bi, so she can also play with another woman.

    She said she felt very "幸福" during the 3P.... It was very interesting feeling....

    Anyone also can share their group sex experience?

  • Any couple has any interesting experience. Is good to share.

  • Can share with here first.

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  • 幾年前係度識左個女仔玩mmf, 佢第1次玩3p, 一邊同我玩緊doggie, 同一時間就含我個fd, 個女仔比我插high左, 含到我個fd爆左都唔知, 同我個fd口爆之後都無放口繼續含, 我fd話從來都未試過咁爽, 個女仔第1次口爆就比我左我個fd

  • Ha, that is nice. Actually my SP is very big eat. I think next time we need a MMMF. Any more interesting thing?

  • 好多女人玩完1次3p就會上癮, 你sp想挑戰4p應該無難度

  • Never try 3P, just by watching video.

    May I join to try?

    I think it should be very exciting!!!

  • Hi Bro, I am newbie and would like to try 3P. I am local HK male around 30yrs.

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