any girl want trade now??

  • im33, 179, 159

    phone to me now: 93758654

  • Hi Ray,

    This is Rumi who just called you a couple minutes ago. I apologize that I do require clients to deposit $100 prior our date.

    I understand your concern and I can only say that, I have never 走數 before and if I've done that before, there should be hard evidence around to show that I did such thing.

    Regardless, I respect your choice and I apologize that I sound somewhat rush on the phone, as I had a few more phone calls to make to arrange my appointments.

    Thanks and hope you have a nice day!

    p.s. If you change your mind and would like to obtain a photo of me (no face, just body), please leave your email here.


  • 好心啦,咪又係等錢使出黎做,講到咁high..


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