A married handsome young man looking for the married you

  • I am a young married individual at my early/mid 30s. I am looking for a long term relationship (sp/sl) with the married you, and if you are married only. I do ask that you are married because I do think only married would understands the married best.

    Please if you in your late 20s to mid/late 30s and am keen to have a long term sexual partnership with the married me. Please add my MSN at:

    MSN: fantapia@live.com


  • Sorry that I will be in and out of meetings this afternoon and therefore would be difficult to respond to your queries or comments. Please do add my MSN and I shall try to respond as early as work allows. Thanks



  • A bit of details on me :

    I am in my early/mid 30s, married, about 6'1 tall, 160lbs, healthy, energetic and reasonably attractive in person. I am hoping to find the you who are in your 20s/30s, married, attractive, caring and looking for an unintrusive intermate relationship with the right one ...

    Look forward to connecting with you ...

    My MSN: fantapia@live.com



  • Any married lady would be interested to give ourselves a chance?

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