Is sex a must to involved in a relationship?

  • Silly Question, but, i do really have this problem. My gf just dun like sex at all........ and i dun want to betray her. And i really dunno what to do. Any guys or ladies can comment? how to make myself cool down and how to heat her up?

  • Your gf dun like sex may be because she feels that the relationship is not solid enough. Atmosphere, timing, feeling, physiological reasons, or skills may not be good enough for her to enjoy sex with you. Be patient & find the right time to talk about this issue. Ways to cool yourself down include masturbation, work out, or find something else to concentrate on.

  • Well, we have been together for years already, and we are talking about move toward to marriage status. Isn't it still not solid enough?

  • Time may prove anything. On the other hand, she may not enjoy sex too much. Some women simply treat sex as part of a relationship rather than as need to fulfilling her own desire.

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