Rollercoaster Ride

  • life is like a rollercoaster, and SHE is like a rollercoaster too. One day you can meet a pretty gorgeous girl from here, but then another day you can run into a complete opposite.. this is life I guess.

  • What a boring day;s

  • hi mag, what makes your day so boring today?

  • themepark replied at 2011-09-20 11:26 am


    hi mag, what makes your day so boring today?


    Nothing much to do...

    Yourself? What have made u open this thread?

  • so are you at work now or what?

    was just taking a short break from work and wanted to come here for a chat. And just a recent experience in meeting a couple of girls here made me open this thread :)

  • Must be a regular here;)

    Anything to share more with your recent encounters?

  • i wouldn't say I am a regular here. I only come here once in awhile. The encounters are like what I said on my thread intro, just that I was disappointed with the second girl because I am quite sure the photo she shared wasn't hers.

  • I like playing bungee jump machine more than roller coaster. :)

    However, roller coaster is a must play in themepark, although it cannot bring me excitment, it is still on my 'buy list'.

    themepark, if you come back and see my reply, please drop a line. I like your theme.

  • It is exactly what makes us thrive... And although the excitment is anticipated, u still have to take part in it in order to really fell it.

  • BTW, thats why I never ask for pic nor send out pic... It could be fake or photoshop.... Pure blind and impulsive, that's the most scary but interesting.

  • if we click then we click. why need to exchange photos before dating? i think an average ordinary appearance with a decent connotation will be a good starting point. unless someone is looking for pure ons.

  • I dun understand that... t I know many ppl here think this is risky, but they will miss out a lot if they dun take risk.

  • bungee, i prefer real bungee jumps over those free fall machines at theme parks. I guess you have to get on at least one roller coaster ride at any theme park, right? haha

    Alison and peter, the point is that she's the one who requested to exchange pics. I didn't initiate it.

  • i used to take risk when i was young. whata lucky dayS to remember =D

  • Alison and peter, the point is that she's the one who requested to exchange pics. I didn't initiate it.

    forget her and surf for a new lady =P

  • peter, um.. she's forgiven but not forgotten.

  • Themepark, but I do understand the disappointment. And seriously, that was a cheat, wasn't it? But peter is rite, good gals around. Just fasten ur seat belt and go for another ride.

    Peter, I used to be adventurous too!

  • alison, right, what goes up must come down i guess.

  • Just like taking breaks in between peaks, or else everything would appear to be very normal... :-)

  • right, alison, i guess that's one way to make ourselves feel better at times.

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