What size breasts?

  • what size u like?

  • 34D

  • 34D 25 35. 167cm will be perfect~

  • 33-34 C/D最正

    vicki 你又係咩野SIZE呢?

  • other than woman breasts i like.

    i like yr name too Vicki :)

    wht size/cup do u like fm the female point of view???

  • I am 34c. I prefer 34b.

  • 34c is nice...34b is also attractive.

    is diet can help to reduce cup ??

  • Well breasts are mainly made out of fat tissue, so yes, if you lose a lot of weight, breast size can go down too.

  • understand,vicki.

    my ex SP dieted before.Not just reduce the cup only even her size too :(

    Mind to tell why u wanna reduce the size, sweetie ???

  • i don't want to reduce but I just prefer b cup more lor. Fits clothes better

  • 34c is so nice

    why you want a 34b instead of 34c?

    breast size vary depends on a lot of situation

    even with hormone...

    but physically well "developed" breasts should be from genes

  • but C cup fits more clothes...

    and also in some events you need to have a C cup for a nice dress

  • vicki replied at 2011-03-14 6:58 pm


    i don't want to reduce but I just prefer b cup more lor. Fits clothes better


    mind to tell are u slim type of body???

    Anyway, dont worry gal. C cup is good for cloth & body line both

    dont be shy & silly :)

  • c cup fits well for low cut clothes. myself, I am a conservative dresser so I don't show much cleavage. And when bigger breasts are covered up, they overall look is not that appealing.

    not slim. 120lbs

  • vicki

    it depends on how tall you are. too slim not so healthy and sexy.

  • vicki,

    if u are tall enough. yr weight is fit too.

    i saw some big breasts gal on totalneck shirt. still trendy & gd looking. "dont show much" but u dress abit open sometime ma...much better using nu-stuff

    suggest u dress more abit dark colour on cloth. may help too :)

    other than dressing. Any advantage on yr C cup???

    nothing is prefect ma.sweetie

  • I am 5'5"

    Not really much advantage wor. Look better in a bra gwa

  • vicki

    my viewpoint on the color issue is totally differ from "Mr A". you should try some pink color or even thou orange, red to show off how charm your body are.

  • vicki

    if you used to wear highheels then consider some 3~3.5" will do. you are almost a model figure at yours data provided.

  • model? lol 5'5" is short wor

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