Why do ladies have to ask questions about your job?

  • 對不起,今天要轉頻道,有嘢要講,繼續

    Do they have any bearing on sex? It's certainly different if a person asks about height, weight, appearance or sexual experience. This is a sex forum and a lady who decides to add or chat with someone should be expected to either discuss sex or be asked questions relating to sex or be prepared to have sex etc. I don't see the relevance in asking the question, " what is your job?" I would prefer you asking " what is your preferred sexual position or even how long is your dick etc. ". Just discuss something about sex and don't get upset if you are being asked about sexual matters. This is afteralll a sex forum for Christ sake.
    If you are offended about going straight into the topic of sex or simply don't feel ready for it, by all means stay in the relationship or gossip forum. Perhaps you might find it more entertaining then simply coming in whining about the lack of communication. Amen. A man like myself has only one purpose coming into the sex forum, that is to either chat about sex or find someone to have sex with. I'm sure many other men are reluctant to admit but share the same view. So please ladies go elsewhere if you are looking for relationships, husbands, boyfriends, chatmates, friends, pets, and/ or soulmates etc. This is not the correct forum. I am only interested in SEX!


  • Women dilemma, that's all we can conclude, they prefer to be screw by what so call a 'decent' (boring may be) man

  • I'd be fine even if you ask me for money or how much I'm willing to offer etc. At least we are on the same page chatting for a common purpose. This is sad.

  • 咁咪on 9囉

    我嘅職業同我dee 唔dee臣有條毛嘅關係?

    講完d hint 叫佢估都未必知我講乜


    我話佢知我係Gordan Gekko

    如果佢唔上google 查


  • Are you really that good, 英文人?

    I will throw myself at you and quit my job at the airline if you are really a Gordan Gekko.

    I'm 5'7 and 108 lbs. You won't be disappointed and I will make you a very satisfied man. Do you have msn?

  • This thread is getting interesting. I am expecting more information.

  • So what if u know who's Gekko or what he represents? Every woman has her preferences, some are more attracted to successful men; some more to romantic ones. If you want nothing but sex, please find a prostitute.

  • Agree! too many irrelevance question asked.

    it's funny that if you ask the girl sexual question.

    She would comment you "cheap" . hey what's topic here, it's sex board.

  • 少婦

    hi, nice to meet you, i'm 36 years old, 170cm 135.lbs, married & caring, would you mind we further chat in msn ?

    please add me if ok


  • hi..英文人 & beauty FA mind to add me to chat?I'm 32 5'8''


  • hey, 英文人

    how can u expect others to know abt a fictional character in a movie?


    should be no "a" in front of a person's name!

  • it would be more meaningful if u quote Mark Zuckerberg !

  • i rather not be Gordon Gekko. he went to jail for 8 years. i rather be Bud Fox. do you know who Gordon Gekko's character was based on?

    also, for women, it is always more than just sex. thats why they want to know your job.

  • Woman兄

    You're missing the point. Of course you are entitled to have all the preferences you want but the issue is on what platform should these preferences be revealed. This is a sex forum and I don't see the wrong in someone merely expressing his sexual interest or intention.

  • I think all the above opinions are correct depends on where do you come from. Though this is a sex forum however here is HK and there is still a difference between chinese and western culture. I believe chinese girls still prefer not to be directly asked/approached for sex in the first instance.

    So the guys here need to be more patient and the girls should not feel offended if being asked for sex directly.

  • 少婦

    what other info are u looking for?

  • I'll leave my msn later as I am more in the mood of discussion right now. Hang around if you are still interested in me.

    Ok guys I rest my case. Not intending to argue just wish to state my observation and feelings. It seems some people are only aware of a few industries. Next time I'll tell them I am a teacher.


  • english ren,

    I must admit this is the only sex forum that I've visited, I don't know what goes on in the other sex forums, but I've been around for over 5 years, it's always been

    What keeps you here then?

  • there are only serveral factors for women to consider their partners


    beauty FA just made a great example for MONEY issue

  • I want to learn English can u teach me?pls call 91407159 I'm 38 Chinese guy

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