Sweet and well-educated girl is looking for a lover

  • Hi, I am 2X year-old girl, sweet, considerate and well-educated.  I like car-ride, sweet chat, sharing of life, trying different cuisines, etc.  I am looking for a lover who has the same idea with me.  He should be polite, decent with well-manner.  With car is preferable.  Aged from 30 to 40. Taller than me is a must (I am 5'5).  I hope he is willing to spend time with me during weekdays afternoon or night (may be just once or twice a week), care me and love me. 

    I do think that Communication should come first in the relationship, so if you are looking sex-oriented relationship, please DO NOT disturb.  Drop me a line and introduce yourself if you are interested. SERIOUS ONLY PLEASE.  

    Both single or married are welcome.  I am very sincere with no hosility, please DO NOT leave any offensive words to me or to the people who reply here. 


  • sweet girl

    please add me to chat if u are interested to explore the possibility. ^^


  • Sorry, I forgot to say, I will online in the daytime only, so I prefer guys who can chat on msn during office hours.


    Thanks for leaving me information, but could you please briefly describe yourself. Really thanks.

  • sweet girl

    i am married, professional career, not young, taller than you for sure.

  • A lover or a secret lover? A bit different I guess ;)

  • sweet girl

    if my tea is not in your cup, we can be friend too. :)

  • sen

    Thanks, would you mind to leave me your msn?


    I welcome both :)

  • sweet girl

    my msn


  • sen

    yes for sure, I do want to make more friends as well ^^

  • Hi Sweet Girl,

    How are you doing? I am a 35 years old married man. Working in business related discipline. Love sports but not strong built. I'd like to have a soul mate who could sharing life with. I totally agreed that communication should come first in the relationship. Please add my msn: bos23@live.com to let us know more about each other. Thanks.

  • Hi Sweet Girl,

    It is always nice to encounter an educated girl once in a while.

    What am I looking for? Someone to discuss things with, someone I can provide a shoulder for, someone who when I look into their eyes, my heart starts to race, someone to tease about and laugh with, someone who has an opinion but won't force it on me and definitely someone who I want to hold hands with.

    If this is to your liking then please add me to find out further Mr_tuesday@live.hk

  • Hi sweet girl,

    How r u? I am a gentle, kind, polite guy with sence of humor. Back from oversea. If u feel comfortable, pleas add me in your msn (frank2@she.com). Hope we can chat later.

  • wow wow wow....its me!

  • Hi Sweet Girl

    I am 35,6ft,168lbs, sporty type with smart and gentle outlook. Having a decent academic background and now in professional field.

    My friends would consider me as a good listener and considerate person. And, I am experienced, caring energetic,Could we share more?


  • hello sweetie, may i tell you more over msn instead as i think you would prefer someone serious no matter what it comes out to be, canubemine@live.com please. look forward to our conversations

  • Hello, nice to meet you, How are you?

    I am a 36 guy, shall we have a private chat?


  • Cheap and greedy gal is looking for free lunch

    Hi, I am 2X year-old gal, cheap, greedy but know how to seduce guys. I like free ride, chat without commitment, free classy cuisines and etc. I am looking for a stupid guy who is dumb enough to notice that. He should be rich and polite enough to feed me without complaints. With car is a must. Aged from 30 to 40. Taller than me so that I do not appear being patronized. I hope he can buy me lunch or dinner during weekdays, (once or twice depends on choice of restaurants), give me rides and have pure chat.

    I do think that Free Ride and Cuisines should be the only things in the dumb deal, so if you are looking for benefits other than pure chat, please DO NOT enter. Drop me a line and tell me you are rich and dumb. SERIOUSLY DUMB ONLY PLEASE.

    You should better be married so that I am trouble-free. I am very sincere about this fantastic deal. please DO NOT say I am cheap or people who respond are dumb.



  • Hi Sweety Girl - too many sweet gril/sweetie here and guessing you are not the one i know.

    anyway, nice to meet you. am open to chat over anything. how's this tuesday treating you?


  • hi sweet girl, i am working in professional field with decent appearance, mind to add me lwh889900@yahoo.com.hk thanks

  • Hong Kong people are strange, always like attacking others on net......Anyway, thanks for leave me msn. Look forward to chat with you guys.


    Nice to meet you, this tuesday is good, how about yours?

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