any guys like 許細文 here?

  • all the guys around me are so bad ... hurting me endlessly.

    any good guys like 許細文 who willing to help ppl without rewards?

    i am so a simple and kind hearted person ... just want something simple ... can i?

  • who is 許細文?

  • i am not hk-style gal ... i dun need guys to buy me expensive gifts ... i dun need guys to have car/property ... i have decent appearance as well as a decent job and also well-educated.

    i just want simple life. i am willing to give all my love to my beloved. but why i dun have one?

  • Hi disappoint,

    Would you like to have a simple chat?

  • sorry if u r reading my thread and find it annoying ... i just want to have a platform to release my pain ... i feel so sad, so disappointed.

    i hate my life so much. but i have parents and sisters. i have to continue my life for them. i dun want them worrying me so i hide all my sadness at the bottom of my heart.

  • hi disappoint

    After reading your thread and description and thus would like to chat with you. That's simple.

  • guess i am not lovely, guess i must be unfriendly, guess ... actually i dun exactly know what's wrong with me.

    i hide my sadness from everyone ... dun think anyone around me will realize i am such a loser ... i work in ibank, middle grade, earning more than HK$1 million a year ... a professional dresses beautifully and be respected by colleagues ... no one knows i am a loser in my personal life.

    haha ...

  • But I am not that kind of guy like 許細文. If you want, I am willing to listen to you...

  • dida, i think i am just a joker of the reality

  • there must be something very wrong with me ... just i dun realize

  • there is no 許細文 for me

  • disappoint,

    Try to release your pain and emotion by writing, It is one of the ways to release and effective. I am here listening to you.

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