HK to Moscow on CX only HKD2,850! Really want to go!!

  • Total is 4193 inculde tax, very attractive arh! I am female, is it safe to go alone?

    Or is any female interested in going?

  • I think it is much safer than before but of course a single lady is a bit dangerous.

    Better not to go out at night !!

    However, the price is really attractive.

    BTW, getting cold in winter.

  • hey yellow

    it sounds interest~

    i also want to travel a long long way, but i am also alone

    wanna travel together?

    i am female too~~

  • Kitty,

    When and how long do you think you can go for? I don't think I can go for too long, but it sounds such a waste if not going!!

    I haven't done any research about Russia yet. Do you have any idea?

    Let's talk about it...

    P.S. Tickets must be issued on or before 21 November 2010

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