sometimes I love her,sometimes?

  • I had been dating this guy for a while now shes really head over heels for me.The only problems is that Im not quite sure how i feel about her.There are times when I am totally and completely happy with her and then with in the day I have a 180 degrees and I start questioning the this normal?What can I do or what should I DO?

    Suggestions and comments please leave it here!!!

  • There isnt much that you can do besides either keep holding on or let go.Maybe the issue is that arent ready to be in relationship because you havent yet figured out if you are stable enough..What i mean is that you seem to have other questions in your mind that this female or relationship is not satisfying..With that,you are likely you are likely to cheat on her,break up with her or hurt her in some other manner if you dont get your head corrected.To solve this you can either try a little harder to love her or find some personal time for yourself to try and calm things down in your head by asking yourself what you really want and if you ready to be in a relationship..

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