it's wonderful to stare at him from this back while he's sleeping....

  • boring threads tonight and thought of someone i was crazily in love with.... 

    cant forget the night when i stayed over at his place

    stare at him from the back while he was sleeping....

    hoping the night wouldnt end too early 

    hugging is good, but watch him sleeping is awesome!!

    doesnt matter if he's the final one, as long as he's the one at that special moment of time

    i so miss this feeling... haha

  • Hi alison, i felt touched after read. you must love him very much. i hope he's not married and you can have him 100%.

  • Alison,

    I can understand this particular feeling, it's been quite some time since something like this appeared.

  • hi becky.

    well, it's not a sad story although it may look like one.

    he is not married, but we didnt work out and we are friends now.... yea, love him, still do but i'll take the fact that we are friends, haha :-)

    the memory of the night spending with him is still there... i'm proud to have such memory, rather than married someone i dont really love. haha...

  • hi bar fly,

    you are an old friend of mine, are you?

    i didnt reply email for soooo long.... haha

  • Alison,

    hahaha, yes we did email some months ago but I guess I must have bored you away lol

  • bar fly, nope, that's not the case

    i was busy with some other stuff and didnt really visit since Aug, until tonite. :-)

    so how are you doing?

  • Alison,

    Glad you can stop by to visit.

    It was nice to chat with you before, hope you will stay by longer this time. It's nice to have another decent perso around^^

  • i can be decent or not decent....haha

    anyways, let's keep in touch by emails... i dont chat here during office hour and seldom check in at night now.... so... email... :-P

  • sure thing, welcome back by the way

  • HI

  • check your mailbox tmr, better at night.... give me sometime to finish work stuff first, hahaha.... 

    have a date with mr. chow now

    good nite. :-)

  • bar fly,

    btw, i dont like your email display name.... and dont tell me that's your real name

    trust me, its a very boring name and i wont like a friend called that.... hahaha

  • Are you Alison_B?Long time no see,sweetie :)

  • hi, I'm mike

    msn :

    phone ~ 9 0 8 6 4 4 9 2

  • no, am not the hottie Alison_B


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