I am looking for a wine lover or alcoholic to drink with me from dusk till dawn

  • Come on pussy!

  • 我都想同你飲呀!!!

  • 我是喝到醉生夢死的那種,然後各自回家睡覺。你有興趣嗎?

  • You remind me a frind of mine... oops .. or you're actually my friend :p

  • Hey Julie,

    I was just stressing myself to the edge, I am leaving for a business trip tomorrow anyway.

  • i suppose this is the always-drunk-frined of Julie that i see in another thread... hahaa

    i long for a drink, but i'm only a very light drink now...

    do you still do this light and chit chat kind of drink at all? haha

  • Hey Ally,

    I usually have a few sips only but since I have been drinking excessively today might as well find someone who enjoy food and fine wine. Are you in?

  • 為何這麼大壓力??!可惜....我明天要返工....,


  • nice food and fine wine!!

    cant never resist, really. :-)

    would be perfect at a place with stunning night view....

  • Nobu, do u drink in plane?

    Where are u flying to? When you back from biz, I may taking off to the other side of the earth.

  • Lazyhan

    那有什麽壓力, 不就是釋放自己,讓自己偶爾放肆放肆。

    明天要上班不是藉口, 不就是抱著頭痛上班嗎。


    stunning view?

    Sevva, shxt food nice view


    I don't drink in the plane. I drink only perrier in the aircraft infact. When are you flying?

  • If the trip is on, I'll frly either Sat or Sun. I have to be at the other side of the world on Monday morning.

    When and where are u flying?

  • Julie

    I am fying at night tomorrow, flying to the edge of the world.tips, 7 hours behind

  • Scandinavia?

    flying at nite.. so you'll stay sobar for at least one nite :)

  • WHere are you going?

    State or Oz?

  • nobu, never tried Sevva, haha... i'm not a noble. lol

    try Sugar at Taikoo, very nice view, but didnt get to try to food last time

  • NewYork. Trip is not confirmed yet. If it's on, I'd stay there for a week.

    How many days will u stay there?

    Alison, whereabout Taikoo?

  • Alison

    Ok let me know if by a chance. Got to go to bed soon. TTYL


    Get me some A&F then

    I am going to bed soon

  • Nobu, apart from A&F, which brand u fall for? I can get clothes very easily ;p

  • Sugar is at the new hotel at taikoo shing, cant remember what is the name of the hotel... something like, East? haha...

    Nobu, an A&F guy? oh, are you an old friend of mine?

    sounds like one. :-)

    ps i like guys in A&F, hahahaa

  • Julie,

    Thanks for the offer, I am flattered.

    I'll get my own A&F. I am flying to SF next month for 4 days.


    I wear A&F after office hour and I am a Prada guy during weekdays

  • but why so many ppl go for A&F recent years?

  • Julie,

    I don;t know but I fall for A&F since 1992

  • nobu, thought you are asleep already, hahaa

    well, dont forget the drink when you come back

    but, fyi, i dont come to she.com very often now

    and i always forget what threads i left posts. hahaha

  • oh u're still up. thought u gone already.

    Have u been to the A&F shop on 5th Ave? Half naked muscular guys stand at the entrance do nothing but just dance.

  • Ally

    What drink?


    I was in SF last month.

    where do you usually stay in new york? I am always in Prklane

  • nobu,

    we are not going to have some food and nice wine somedays? this is not the reason why you posted a thread?


  • you can send email to me,

    we can always catch up for a drink and dinner

  • Nobu, go to the A&F on 5th Ave next time when u're in NY.

    Parklane? My firm put me in shxt hotel. :)

  • Nobu, u're really an A&F guy! even your login tells!

  • Julie,

    Do drop me your msn in my email. Let's stay tune while we are away.

    ps, I don't go to she whenever I am working or out station.


    I'll be expecting yours as well

  • Nubo, sure. Just drop u a note.

  • OK Julie,

    I am getting off from she now.

    I just add you to my msn.

    See you there if by a chance you online later

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