most of people also like to meet high quality peoples !!

  • but seem no one try to ask themselves a question.

    Are You Good Enough?
    why always can't to catch or to attract them ???
    how do you think?

  • poor me no one reply

  • 鬼叫你呢條thread踩親呢到咁多人條尾 XD


  • ceci,我冇心.....的

  • 香港人通病??????????nonono

  • The Prince and the Pauper

    The novel begins with Tom Canty, an impoverished boy living with his abusive family in London. One day Tom Canty and Prince Edward, the son of King Henry VIII and Jane Seymour meet and as a jest, switch clothes. While dressed in the pauper's rags, the Prince leaves the palace to punish the guard who knocked Tom down. However, the boys look remarkably alike and because they switch clothes, the palace guards throw the prince out into the street. The Prince fairs poorly in London because he insists on proclaiming his identity as the true Prince of Wales. Meanwhile despite Tom's repeated denial of his birthright, the court and the King insist that he is the true prince gone mad. Edward eventually runs into Tom's family and a gang of thieves and Twain illustrates England's unfair and barbaric justice system. After the death of Henry VIII, Edward interrupts Tom's coronation and the boys explain, switch places, and Edward is crowned King of England.

  • Would you mind to improve your English first before I can tell you HOW I think about those "high quality peopleS"?

  • would you mind improve your English first?

  • Cant agree the above more!

  • English = high quality ????

    I'm doubtful about that......

  • you don't get it? we're not criticizing you. you ask waste time la...

  • Here’s the thing. We each have individual tastes and quirks and expectations. What I view as a great quality in someone, you may view as a character flaw. To each his own. Ya know, yin yang and all. Anyway, my point is that when I refer to someone as high quality, it should be taken with a grain of salt.

  • killtime 7:59pm oct 17, 2010

    English = high quality ????

    I'm doubtful about that......


    What I tried to point out is: Master the language you use so people can understand your question easily.

    What is "Are You Good Enough? why always can't to catch or to attract them ??? " Are these two sentences relevant ?

  • Waste my time,

    You are wasting your time to explain to a moron, who can never understand what do you mean, even this simple piece of mind.

  • If another moron says to you: hey, quit actin' like a moron.

    Try to explain to them that they are a moron and to act more like you??

    if a moron like you ....totally understand !

    but please don't show off okay!

  • Waste my time,

    He committed the same mistake again. :)

  • waste you time but still not give up reply this thread ? hahahaha.. interesting..

  • You aren't get the point until now, they are laughing on you, that simple.

  • killtime,i know u mean!!interesting@@

  • D人多數9唔搭8,主題唔明白唔岩傾可以唔入,但入去攪屎果D完全表露出唔尊重人,冇教養.版主都係睇開D比較心曠神恰^^

  • ceci 2:45pm oct 17, 2010

    鬼叫你呢條thread踩親呢到咁多人條尾 XD



    講真呢到咁多人都窄窄地,佢地咁回覆都好正常(佢地自己覺得) 哈哈

  • 話明豬dogcom啦!!

  • killtime just killtime ,I don't mind any malicious criticism here!!

  • 個個咪又係40+孤獨老人阿伯

  • 或者大家見到紙皮姐都可以嫁入豪門,就認為唔需要睇自己有幾多料都可以要求搵個高質素既

  • +x 6:51pm oct 18, 2010




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