Do you dare to proof me wrong?

  • I honestly doubt the validity of finding an SP, SL here lol. So there you have it, I'm just gonna give it a try here now.

    21/M young stud. HUNG, well built, not really bad looking,young and energetic.
    Hoping to bring your sex life alive and exciting.

    Looking for a mature relationship. NSA. We could hang around here for a while and see if we like each other? Talk on msn and proceed. I really want this to work and see if what other people's claims are valid.

    Let's see what you ladies have got to offer then.

  • oh hm... 184cm btw and I should expect you to be at least 160 :P Let's see ya'll ladies

  • I wish to be cared for, to be understood. Apparently you lack all those very qualities to be even an acquaintance. You are simply casting an image of a ruthless emperor ruling with iron fists, so arrogant. what is your acad attainment?

    Here is a good book for your perusal, men are from Mars and women are from Venus or the like. Relationship starts from tiny sparks and has to be maintained by both heartfelt parties or otherwise it will wilt or just be stillborn with coming to any fruition. Hope it this shed some light on the whole thing.

    exhausted....I miss my beloved bed.

  • hmmmmmmmmm I think you might've misunderstood me there candy. By no means I'm disrespecting the ladies out here. honestly i doubt anyone can find true "love" here. I might not be the one you see right now, all I'm saying is I wanna meet somebody and see if there are any sparks could be lit. I think I'm better than those who were just looking for cam/phone sex or those paying for sex, then again, I might be wrong.

  • There is bounded to be some sparks in the interaction. Yet willing hearts will try to make it go in a way that both parties feel the warmth. Or just the other way round as being more plausible as veiled in your lines : both get scorched to death.

  • Too bad it seems like we got on the wrong foot. You sound like a really nice gal to talk to.

  • hm.... seriously? no one?

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