sincerely looking for a smart, decent lady for compansion, I don't mind she is married or attached.

  • I'm just a man who is looking for compansion who is 33 years old, 181cm height, good lookiong and with a heart to find the one who can let me get into it.

    feel free to ask me any question. serious only!

  • is there anyone?

  • Sometimes, when a guy calls himself handsome, it gives us older women a creepy feeling...

  • so Fa_ma,

    how should a handsome guy introduce himself and let you know he is handsome without being too obvious?

  • 就算世界上無人認為我係靚仔, 我點都要橕自己架啦! XD

  • not yet ugly, well, I think it's something I may or may not discover for myself, depending on whether I and the guy would eventually meet. It doesn't need to be mentioned.

    "Handsome" is really very subjective. I think Bruce Willis is drop dead handsome. Not everyone would agree with me. XD

    衰人A, 咁又係.

  • Fa_ma,

    well Bruce Willis is okay but if I was a girl i think I would be weak at the knees for George Clooney lol.

    I have seen requests from ladies directly asking if the guy is attractive. Now if I were to say no, then I would be out of contention, but if I said yes, who would believe haha

  • not yet ugly, well it depends on what kind of women you are interested in. For me, if a guy asks me for photos, I quite sure won't meet with him unless he strikes me as an exceedingly interesting person. :)

  • Fa_ma,

    AS for most guys I am of course into girls with intellect, can hold their own in a conversation, witty and flirty, but like most guys we'll settle for those that are still breathing lol

  • Still breathing?? That's outrageous...

    I'm still breathing. I just broke up with my man (this news is less than 24 hours old haha). Maybe you can buy me a drink. LOL... :P

  • Fa_ma,

    well you certainly work fast lol, It would be my pleasure to buy you a drink and share some of life's pleasures haha

  • I feel better already. :P

  • fama,

    you are so right...the reason i chat on the internet is because I don't want people just to be attracted by by appearance... :P

    is the drink for consolation or celebration? XD

  • Hello Mikhail~

    The drink is of course for celebration, that I am still breathing and can lure a guy to drink with me. XD

  • Fa_ma,

    witty, can stand here own in a conversation......and still breathing, almost meets all of my criteria hahaha

  • well fama, didn't know you still have interest for guys, hahaha :P

  • Mikhail, I need them in the bed department. That's most unfortunate I tell you.

    not at all, yes, I am quite 筍. XD

  • sorry host, just saying "hi" to an old thread friend...i'll leave you in peace ^^

    have fun hunting! :)

  • Fa_ma,

    ohh so you really need someone to make your bed kakaka, better not mess it up in the first place or how about calling room service ;-P

  • not at all, room service will do. Hopefully room service can also walk my dogs. LOL...

  • Later Mikhail~

  • ciao, fama ^^

  • Fa_ma,

    I am sure with your charm you will be able to persuade room service to offer you that little bit extra.

    Let me check my official room service menu for you^^

  • Can you e-mail the room service menu to for my future reference? Thank you. :D

  • Fa_ma,

    As we are a newly established boutique hotel, we are still in the process of developing our service offerings and pricing. of course I would like to take this opportunity to welcome any and all of your suggestions^^

  • I am sure the services provided are superb. I'll let you know if I spot anything worth noticing. :D

  • Fa_ma,

    Of course all feedback will be duly noted and acted upon. I look forward to making sure your stay will be a pleasureable experience ;P

  • I look forward to my stay very much.

    Now, are you the thread-starter?

  • Fa_ma,

    It would appear I am just an interloper and not the thread starter. Does that mean I got to know you under false pretences??????

  • Oh good. No worries. I was feeling a bit uneasy wondering if this guy would really call himself handsome at certain times. Haha...

  • in which case I will make sure "handsome" never leave my lips lol. I'll just be "almost-handsome " then haha

  • I have to confess that I am very ugly. XD

  • Fa_ma,

    in this politically correct age, none of us are ugly, as I said, we are just "almost beautiful" lol^^

  • Right. I guess that'll do. LOL...

  • hello guys, i think there aint no so called ugly humans but only some lazy fastfood stuffs around.

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