shanghai expo

  • can't believe its already october, time flies!!!!

    i've been busy in the past year so couldn't arrange a trip to world expo. my family have already been there and most of my friends either already visited / no time / not interested.

    i'm thinking to go there alone, but if someone planning the same thing also looking for partner, why not we go together =D otherwise i go alone also fine.

    for your information, i am female, 26, not very talkative but easy going.. very poor mandarin speaking -_- .. i plan to go there maximum 4 days, but 3 days is preferable,. it will be a time intensive trip. wake up early, sleep late and won't be not much sightseeing because i've been to shanghai 2 years ago. the main purpose is only world expo so i will spend most of the time there.

    for my schedule, the only possible dates are.. we fly on 7th night, go expo on 8,9 and 10.. /OR/.. we fly on 28th night.. go expo on 29, 30 and 31..

    if the schedule works for you, please leave your contact info =) i prefer you are below 40 and no attitude problem. and do not mind i smoke. for other issues, we can chat further, cheers

    btw, i just decided today and not yet make the research T_T but i will work it out later..

  • turns out i will be going alone, checked the tickets, very full. so i have to depart from shenzhen, cheaper and more flight time for selection.

    anyone be so kind to share any useful tips when visiting the expo? any of your comment of feedback are highly appreciated. i am flying on thursday night (7th), return back to shenzhen on sunday night (10th).

    Thank you

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