looking for a friend and a sex partner

  • "Friend" is the important word here, although the sex is key too

    ideally you would work on HK Island side and we could have lunch or occasional drinks after work.

    as for the sex, probably once or twice a month only.  To be honest I am not looking for a regular "trade" girl, but I would be willing to give some financial reward..

    I am a mature guy, sincere and respectful.  Being discreet will be important too.

    You should also know that I am not Chinese.

    I will only discuss more in e-mail or msn at   be55727@yahoo.com.hk

    look forward to hearing from you..

  • a Sunday evening push

  • some financial reward still same as trade..right?

  • as u are looking for a frd, which means u need someone who makes u feel comfortable to hangout with and share, is that right?

  • Good Morning mina, you are correct. Its true that I need a sex partner, but I really dont enjoy with someone who I could not consider as a friend. As you say, I am looking for someone who I am comfortable with, an easy feeling and happy to share and listen with

  • alright, i added u to chat

  • mina = BE Guy?

  • Thanks Mina, actually I can not access yahoo mail or messenger in the day (company firewalls!), but if you are online this evening can chat then. Cheers

  • i also added you, see you tonight

  • janice

    hi, i'm 35 years old, 170cm 135.lbs

    do u mind we chat in msn first ?

    pls add me if ok


  • do you gals interested in him because he is not a chinese?

  • if he is white then kind of appealing (sorry - little bit racist I know)

  • i dont find it particularly appealing to me, i m the kind of gal who always attract western guys when i m in the pub. however, i dont hv discrimination on any nationality.

  • I do date Chinese guys, and some other Asian too. I just like the idea of western guy too. But I understand what Rose is saying

  • maybe the host is indian ??!!

  • just wondering why the reverse market doesn't work,

    I see HK girls and foreign guys all the time but when was the last time you saw the other way, I mean HK guys & foreign girls?

    sorry to butt in.

  • hi all. Just join in.

  • I never try Sl or SP before..., some of my friends said that this is a very exiting experience. If those Sl or SP can also be a best friend that will be fantastic.

  • any comments...

  • it is always very hard ot find a good sl/sp, just like finding a good friend ...but even harder lol

  • Ha ha Yes, that why I always think this is only a dream. Never happen to me...

  • whats really appealing though is that this guy does have a preference to do it with someone he consider a friend. My experience is most guys happy to just do the business ...if sex on offer who care about friend

  • definitely kinda gimmick only........

    but of coz some women may be simple enough to trust that !!

  • True, well can only hope that he is a sincere guy...

    I not see him here before so dun know,..

  • hannah

    u should exercise great care then ;P

  • BE Guy replied at 2010-07-19 9:51 am


    Good Morning mina, you are correct. Its true that I need a sex partner, but I really dont enjoy with someone who I could not consider as a friend.


    hah! I dun know friends are for sex. Though, U have already stated U are here for sex... Surprised a gweilo cannot find prey in LKW ...

  • friends an sex,,dun think it will work....

  • Hi everyone, I used to have a friend who was also a no strings attached bed mate... he is still one of my best friends, but we no longer do that.....

  • nattie,

    so why did you two stop the "bed mate" part and still managed to keep the friendship going?

    i suppose you must have been quite good friends beforehand. did you need to discuss the subject before you embarked on this situation or did it just come about naturally?

  • hi mouth act

    we met on the internet (remember icered?) and went out for dinner and movies etc..., became very good friends and it just happened as you say naturally. But we both agreed that we didnt want to be bf/gf type - just too much much going on in our lives and in many ways we were not each others types. but I loved his company and the sex was great too.

    we eventually met other partners and agreed that it was probably best to stop but it was no problem to keep the friendship going... I would hate to lose that with him....

  • I think I can be friends and have sex too, but not sure about how it works after the sex stops... that sounds hard

  • hi jessica

    shall we chat ?

  • jessica

    hi, nice to meet u , i'm 35 years old,do u mind we chat in msn ? please add me if ok


  • jessica

    if not mind ,add my msn ? amg340@hotmail.com ,just normal chat ,thx

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