Game rule?

  • I met a guy at clubbing , we chatted,danced, kissed well he kiss me . When I want to leave with my frds, he ask me to stay and we exchanged phone # and went home seperately.

    If he did not call me, am I just a causal fling?

    what is the game rule if there is any

  • if he calls you, it can be a causal too!

  • Alison is correct, even he phones u, it may mean most cases, playing in club is just for fun, or satisfy personal desires, or escape from loneliness...dont be naive any more, dont think u may find true love in such situation. Even u are just out of the above reasons to club only...

  • honestly, I dont like LKF feeling. If one is serious about some relationship, one would not be able to find that there. THat's a free market. Hookers will still need to get $ to ahve sex. However, LKF is even more lousy than hookers

  • 成日都想的男人掌控係你手里...就算你係中魚食小魚, 你未為意你自己正在身處大魚既口前面...

  • well, i dont think 100% of the clubbing relationships mean casual or sexual or free lunch or whatever u name it. you could meet your true lover at LKF if you two are supposed to be.

    but the thing is, dont set this - finding true love, as the primary objective when you hang out in such place.

    if the guy calls back, and if you dont mind having some kind of casual relationship, then have fun. if you are not ready (or not accepting) for it, just turn away, doesnt matter how handsome/charming he is.

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  • true, if he calls you, doesn't mean he take it serously..

    incase u like him, just be friend frist for safe sake

  • there is no rule of game, but relationship needs to be comfortable for both

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