New iPhone Stock Analysis App specially for Hang Seng Index Composite Shares

  • Hi, Ladies,

    I observed a new iPhone App call ABZY in the App Store. It is a special stock analysis program for HK Stock Market that could reveal several important information which no other sources could provide.

    The main thing I would like to share is that it can let me know my interested stock was going down but major players were collecting or going up but in fact was distributing.

    However, this is a King's Program (as I said to my boyfriend that I'm the King's Beauty :-)  - Only the wise one could understand.  No matter what, give it a try. It may reduce some loss and hopefully, gain some money back.

    Profitable investing.


  • Name of the App is ?

  • Oh ! The iPhone Apps' name is ABZY. By the way, it has successfully identified that '700' would go up and '388' would go down today. I spot that if it's statistics shown more than 70% chance of a particular movement; it would be very likely to happen. I get several thousands in this morning by reading it. Hope you got it and make profit.

    However, my friend told me that the statistic would change daily according to the detected market moves. So, don't take it for long-term direction. It's good for day-trading and running out of disaster.

  • How about for gold market analysis?

    gold market is more efficient than stock market in terms of returns.

  • I find a very useful 3 Minutes video tutorial in Youtube.

    It really helps me to identify several opportunities in the stock markets.

    The youtube link :

    or you may also find that tutorial in Youtube by using keyword :

    iphone ABZY

    Profitable investing !

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