Massage (professional) for you 上門/酒店按摩 $350/90mins

  • Hi

    I'm male 30+, a professional massage therapist. Previously work in a famous massage parlor in Causeway bay.

    Now, I want to have my own business, so want to serve you outcall first and then find a comfortable place for incall later.

    If your body feel tired, exhausted please send me a message to 5164 1984 for booking.

    Ladies, Men and couples are welcomed!

    (Out-call service to your apartment or hotel)

    my msn :


  • Advantages of massage:

    Relives stress and anxiety

    Aids in relaxation

    Relieves the effects of depression

    Improves sleep

    Satisfies the need for caring, safe and nurturing touch

    Creates a feeling of well-being

    Increases awareness of the mind-body connection


    If this is your first massage, you may feel a little awkward or embarrassed. No need! You will be covered at all times by a sheet, and you may leave on any items of clothing that you wish to make you feel comfortable.

    If you have any questions about any aspect of your massage, please ask me.

  • first session 60mins (chinese style massage)

    second session 30mins (aromatic oil massage)

  • can have my pics first!

  • Hi all

    I'll leaving HK in end of June for few years, that means I can't serve u guys after that. (I'm sorry to who satisfied to my service)

    Anyway, thank you for who have booking to me previously:)

    I'll turn up here when I back, hope to serve u all who enjoy massage service.

    Keep in touch via MSN :)

  • first session 60mins (chinese style massage)

    second session 30mins (aromatic oil massage)

  • Ladies, Men and couples are welcomed

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