One night, a man and his new were about to enter his apartment...

  • .... before he could open the door, she said, “Wait a minute, I can tell how a man makes love by how he unlocks his door.”

    The man says, “Well, give me some examples.”

    The lady explains, “Well, if a guy shoves his key in the lock, and opens the door hard, then that means he is a rough lover and that isn't for me. "

    "If a man fumbles around and can’t seem to find the hole, then that means he is inexperienced, and that isn’t for me either.” Then she said, “How do you unlock your door?”

    [ Gal, what answer do you expect? ]

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  • hihi.. i am back.. anyone here?

  • you know the answer of the guy in the story:

    "I will lick the door." =) have fun!

  • hi alvin, care for a casual chat?

  • hi Alvin

    yr thread did bring me back some good n bad memories, but still...attracted me to visit again

    how r u today?

  • 又係你條柒頭作故仔氹女上床

  • 呃神騙鬼 replied at 2010-04-02 8:54 pm





  • 以個故事開頭,等人有興趣,覺得同she D搵食唔同,


  • 呃神騙鬼 replied at 2010-04-02 9:04 pm


    以個故事開頭,等人有興趣,覺得同she D搵食唔同,











  • 係啦...我都係出來警惕下D女

  • 想認識書生。

  • 女子


  • 講緊鐵笛書生。

  • Feel a bit surprised.

    I wrote this thread to catch gals' eyes, especially those ones who like humorous and decent guys... nothing more than that. at most you can say I strike to attract gals with my words -- like a peacock showing its colorful plumage.... Why I was blamed a guy who "cheats" gals into sleeping?

    don't sell short HK modern gals' wisdom. A gal sleeping with a guy is not necessarily cheated. She should understand what she to do and what she won't. I don't think gals here are blind and brainless. I never said i am single and looking for a gal for my life.. and never said i want a sex buddy here... what did i cheat? 香港人,輕鬆D啦! =)

    No offense. just to clarify my thought.

  • Bliss: why did you say you had good and bad memories? I don't remember your name.. and i don't think my previous thread made any sad memories as far as i can remember.

  • in fact i don't want to say anything to respond to the criticism of "文字多而內容少,辭繁不殺".. but at last i wanna ask again. what's wrong with it?

    should it be better to write a short post: "Girls wanted! 6" tall / handsome as Beckham / 10 inch..." ... is it a better way? sigh.........

  • Alvin

    no worry, I never participate in yr previous thread but stand aside and be a reader instead..haha

    the reason i told u abt the memories is that my ex and I used to talk abt yr thread.I missed those cosy time, however my ex is also the one I would never want to see again.

  • bliss:

    it's interesting that you and your ex would read my thread together. it reaffirmed that my thread wasn't a way to cheat gals!

    how's your status now? let history go and look forward..

  • it was a habit for us...haha.. look up interesting threads and share the updates..

    but no anymore now...sigh

    my status? I would proudly say Im SINGLE and waiting for my Mr Right..

    my boss always say 'Let gone be bygone', I could only say that the history gave me a good lesson and i appreciated that

    hows yr holidays? still hv 2 days to go

  • Bliss, are you here now? why not chatting in MSN? we are doing "hide and seek" now.

    let's have a chat.. bored at home now.

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