Secret Lover - Bring back (lost) sweet memory

    Hi gals,

    Are you feeling dry to go for work day in and day out. Everyday, we are repeating what we did yesterday, nothing new and nothing exciting.  

    Life is short. And, I don't want to repeat it again and again. And, I dont want to regret when I get older. 

    All of a sudden, I dream of a mature SL, preferably married or attached. The purpose is to find the sweet moment again (once had but already lost now). I dream of some secret intimate time together, with excitement and rekindle my desire, rejuvenate every cell of my entire body.

    If you read this thread, I believe it is fate which joins us together in our little world....I hope....we will

    If you share the same view, please add me in MSN at

  • Hi Gals,

    I hope someone will share the same perspective with me.


  • Hi Gals,

    I am still looking for a right lady. Hope u have the same feeling at the right time and place.


  • .

  • free lunch dog))))

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