(New & orginal) any decent man care to chat. was killed by she? :(

  • hi gang ! can u guys login to our thread?

  • Hello seller. Nope, can't get to the thread. I think it's deleted. Was thinking about starting a new one. Now you've done it.

  • fm

    geez......why they deleted our thread, :(

    they should let us be n let it run forever

  • seller, maybe it's too long? I have no idea.

    Chow time. Later. Don't worry. The gang will come back.

  • fm

    it's not that i worry that the old gang wont be back

    it's just that we shared so many things in there, such an pity

  • seller,

    Thanks for starting a new thread.

  • niche

    no prob! needless to thz. :)

  • Read about this..quite impressed!



    1.「亦餘心之所善兮,雖九死其猶未悔」,張璐譯文: For the ideal that I hold dear to my heart, I'd not regret a thousand times to die. 

    2.「人或加訕,心無疵兮」。張璐譯文: My conscience stays untainted in spite of rumors and slanders from the outside.

  • seller,

    Do you prefer the dark or light background? You know there is an option to use a bigger font?

  • niche, hello.

    Are you using the dark or light background? I actually think the dark background looks better.

    seller, we will continue to share more things. :-)

  • jesus, what the hell happened??

    is it their way of asking us to leave?  amyrillis's thread is one of the last outposts of civilization here.

  • fa_ma,

    to me, the light is too light, and the dark is too dark.

  • now i can even use alias...

    yeah that thread is a record, why deleted us?

  • maze, you can send your comments to she.com so they can improve it. :-D

    Pals, don't complain. That thread is probably too long. The last I looked it was what, 1493 pages? Maybe 1500 pages is the maximum... Nothing lasts forever.

    I feel sorry for Becks.

  • fa_ma,

    trust me, i have sent in my comments...

  • I hope Becks gets a miracle, or at least get to play for maybe 5 minutes in the coming World Cup.

    It's so sad. Feel very very sorry for him.

  • Hi FM,

    I'm using the dark, I think it looks better too.

  • fa_ma,

    there will be no miracle... sorry.

  • maze, :-(

    He's a good footballer. He has good attitudes, he's hardworking and positive, doesn't get angry or blame others. Not just a pretty face. It's his last chance to play in the World Cup, being 35. It's really a pity.

  • niche

    she chose the dark background for me, it was white at first. lol

    how to use bigger fonts?

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