I miss my sl

  • why miss ?

  • we broke up

  • hiya...

    i just broke up with my sl too

    sigh... kind of miss her

  • is SL for easy come easy go ?

    anyway, what you going to do then ?

  • nick,

    how long hv u 2 been together?


    i don't think so.  sl could be love at wrong timing

  • we been hanging out for about 2 years

    and we sort of gone into cold war since i missed the date

    its actually my fault.... but now seems no turning back....

    sth u will miss and treasure after u lost it

  • have sex with him yet?

  • me too

    soda, are u a guy or gal?

  • cold war becoz of missed a date? is must be an important one..

  • jess

    i am gal

  • if wrong timing, then can let go,

    find again ?

  • we dont have chance to meet often so we got to spend quite a while to schedule our date

    and... i missed that.... so she is quite upset about that

  • mred

    it's not easy to find

  • its hard to find one really

    that have the similar thinking and interest

  • I see.

    Mine was a married mature guy. He's over 40, much much older than me.

    We've been together for almost a year.  And last month he said goodbye to me coz he said he couldn't put his family at  risk anymore.

    I cried a lot.  I miss him so much.

  • nick

    did u missed it becoz of sthg else or simply forgot?

    i always cancel my dates with my ex sl, i guess he is pretty upset too

  • jess

    ic.  take care.  do you hv a bf / family urself?

  • jess, poor you ....

    I am married mature guy also.

    might I replace him ?

  • i suppose to meet her up after the company dinner... but was finished late

    so i suggested to postpone our date in the last min

    let me tell u soda.... its really kind of a sad thing to cancel the date with sl... which makes him/her thinks that she is not important at all. ask urself... will u skip your buddies/frd's gathering??

  • tks all

    I'm single.

    mred, do you think you are far too aggressive?  Though I like mature man, it doesn't mean any mature man.  It's quite clear, isnt it?  So I dont think you're mature enough to handle this kind of relationship.


    what's your story?

  • Jess,

    Thx, seems I am really too aggressive tim !

  • jess...

    u take gd care

    we do all know this kind of sercet relationship is not 'healthy' at all and will soon or later comes to an END. but its always upset u when it comes to u....

  • Soda,

    plan for yourselves,

    plan can be work, eat, play ....

    if can NOT be long time, short plan is ok.

    if having a target on plan, would help you to pass this period (I think)

  • nick

    now it's too late. my sl treated me very well and placed me as first priority but i took ihim for granted


    we broke up becoz we could no longer take eachother as secret

  • 算啦~~過左去就過左去!



  • jess

    for ur good, find a single and worthy guy to develop with. fall in love with the right man

  • nick



    Is he a married guy? or you're married?

  • all,

    SL is Secret,

    itself is NOT normal.

  • soda

    I understand that.  Sometimes, fate takes the full control of all.

  • mred

    Sorry, I can't see your point.

  • jess

    only bf / gf

  • mred

    we were trying to jump beyond being sl making our relationship normal

  • Jess,

    even you can't control fate,

    but you can choose different fate ahead.

  • Soda,

    who proposed to change to Normal relationship ?

  • soda

    that's much 'heathlier' than mine.  At least there's a 'hope' to become a REAL couple.  But from your last message, it seems it screwed up right there.  How did it happen? Mind to share more?

  • Jess, soda

    Well, life is sometimes unfair.

  • mred

    I think you're a guy who seek for sl relationship too even though you're a married man.  With all due respect, I can't understand your advice of asking me to choose different fate.

  • Jess,

    I believe I can control my fate.

    But there is god who can make its sudden change of my fate,

    i.e. I can NOT totally control my fate.

    But you do can control your fate normally (if you take action)...

    just for sharing ...

  • jess

    all i can say is i am selfish.  not willing to leave my bf and risk for a new relationship.  also, if he will leave his gf for me today, he might leave me for another one day, right?

  • To All,

    nice chat guys


  • Sorry to jump into the conversation. I do believe everyone has his/her reason to find SL. I myself had one before too and we have been together for more than a year until she moved to other country for work. Sometimes i guess it really depends on how you view this relationship..while some may treat sl just as a time killer or replacement, for myself, i view her as my companion/soulmate and I do cherrish the time we were together. Unfortunately, for some reason that I cannot do the same with my gf and I'm not going in depth here. Just be happy of what you are and find the best path for yourself. Cheer up.

  • any relationship is a tortuous road.. the reward is not correlated with the effort made..

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  • I miss my sl


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