Looking for a lady as companion in Shanghai

  • Hi ladies, just wonder if have luck to meet a lady here who is interested to know a mature and decent looking HK guy tonight for dinner and funs together. Hope to hearing from you soon. Cheers

  • I will be at Shanghai at Lunar New Year

  • Hi May, I will be back to HK this Friday. Just come here for business trip. Will you be there for vacation or come for business sometime. If you like, we can meet in HK too.

  • Hi Ron, I am interested to travel in Shanghai and may i know more about you? How many days will u be staying in HK? May I know your age and the other info? Cheers!

  • Hi Jasmine, sorry to reply you late. Actually I base in HK for work and need to travel to shanghai once a month (3-4 days for each trip) for business purpose. I am 38, gentle, caring, well-educated and decent looking. BTW, you may add me to chat more in MSN : ronnie_chiu@msn.com. Thanks

  • I will go at fall this year. Will u be there?

  • Hi Ron, msn added and lets chat there!

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