'Do you love me because I am beautiful, or am I beautiful because you love me."

  • ~Oscar Hammerstein II, Cinderella

  • i donno how beautiful you hv

    so how to love u

  • hi jeff

    i've been picking quotes for my thread topics lately, this one is selected for the upcoming Vday. In other words, we're not trying to look for love or anything like that...this is just another chitchat thread.

  • nut,

    it's like a pendulum in action... or tarzan swinging on a tree vine. 

    it swings both ways.... so catch it, lift and let go, and repeat if you want to reach new height. lol 

  • chu up

  • bobo

    ha, good observation!

  • tarzan

    ....what were u talking about? thread or sthg else?

  • women姐

    如果用botox去紋我都同意唔算整容, 不過有d名星打針打到塊面一舊舊就似整容多d.

    話時話箍牙都算喎, 咁呢道都仲算有兩個. : )

  • obi同佢honey應該過o左3年anniv無幾耐, 唔知佢地點慶祝呢? ^^

  • i am HIV positive

  • 女人在某個年齡時,會為了被愛而必須美麗;


  • 過客

    恕不苟同, 心善則美. ^^

    當然, 愛情係會令一過女人靚d, 不過我覺得外在始終不及內在重要.

  • nut,


  • 女人美麗是因為她找到懂得愛他的男人

  • haha,

    認同, 最美麗的女人, 就是當她沐浴在愛意裡

  • 過客 replied @ 2010-02-02 12:35 am




    都岩o既, 不過beauty is in the eye of the beholder...

    你地兩位講到女人無o左男人就變醜女咁, 未免太睇低我地女人喇! :P

  • nut




  • ~_~凸 拿鳩妳! 妳食屎啦~

  • haha

    haha, i knew what u meant, 無誤會. i still contend that real beauty comes from within. being loved by a man or not is not an important factor.

    perhaps i should have said, 男人, 唔好高估自己! ;)

    nice chatting with u guys, goodnite.

  • Hi nut and all sisters and friends!

    My report:

    I don't see a huge difference after the botox. The reason i did that it's because I met a new gf and she looks like 23 even though she is 37. She then shared with me many secrets she did on her face and made me very curious to try. Now I know even though she did so many things on her face, may be she actually got good skin and good features. The botox would just help a little bit. :D


    No, Beast didn't notice any changes on my face. : (


    I think once people have the wrinkles removed, they wouldn't want to have it back again. That's the reason why people have to keep doing it. It's kind of addicting.

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