Look for a girlfriend - sincere girls may take a look

  • Information about myself:

    Age: 35

    Height: 170cm

    Weight: 65kg

    Appearance: average (surely not disgusting, :p)

    Personality: considerate, outspoken, sincere and open-minded

    Pastimes: snooker, badminton, watching movies, dining out with friends, staying with family, and etc.

    Plus: trustworthy and reliable

    Minus: I smoke a bit; of course, if my girlfriend / girl friend requests, I will not smoke in front of her (I really wish she could induce me to cut it off).

    Contact: happy2cu@live.hk

    I hope I can meet someone whom I treasure and someone who treasures me.  I do not have any solid requirement.  However, I think, if her age could be closer to my age, after I leave the world, she need not be alone for too long.  Of course, if you don’t think it is your concern, you can ignore this ‘advice’. Hope to see you soon!

  • hi, happy

    dinner yet?

  • Hello, bibi! I plan to have my haircut first.

  • haircut? where are u?

    does the salon still open that late?

    i have long curly hair,i like my hair in cold weather. :P

  • Juz go downstair and see if there is any not closed. Plan to have my haircut for some time, so untidy. Yet, as U said, it's so chilly. Pretty often, after haircut, I would have headache. Probably slight cold 'gua'! ^_^ Hw abt U? Not off yet?

  • it is easy to have headache after haircut...i guess becuz ur hair is shorter so easily get a cold.

    I am at home already...the freezing weather makes me feeling sleepy all the time. i wish there is a heater at home now.

    so, are u going downstairs now?

  • Sorry that I forget to leave a msg b4 I 'depart'. We may talk through MSN. Have a warm night!!! ^_^

  • hi happy2cu

    mind the gf taller than u?

  • hihi, anybody there ?

  • Sorry that it's pretty difficult to get access to the net at my working place. You may leave msg to my mail box or MSN.

  • Good morning

  • hi, this is lady borned in hk 30 yo

    feeling interested with yr thread...

    may i add u??

  • yes me too and i added the thread owner as well, but seems he didn't online.

  • Sorry that I am pretty unable to reply promptly as I can't get access to the internet at my working place. You may contact me through MSN. I look forward to meeting you.

  • I can't see you online neither

  • Why ge? My MSN is on ga la bor.

  • Sorry, I'm on the net already.

  • happy2cu is a liar!

  • dreaming,

    y say so??

  • Why do U say I'm a liar? I have never talked to you.

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