What will u do?

  • I and my husband married 3 years

    We got a lovely BB, almost Age 1

    From the date my baby comes to earth, my mother in law is bugging us

    Almost 2-4 times a week in house, and never without early notice (give a phone call in about 30min- 1 hr before arrival)

    One day, I am really so tired, and dont want any visitor, there she comes.. so before she arrives, I escape back to my mom house, leaving she and my maid... and of course, the bb... for her to play.

    Now, she wants the house key... and I really have enough, I am thinking of divorce

    What will u do?

  • My husband is not often in HK, only 1/2 of the time for a year.

    So when he was in town, we teasure a lot the time together.

    And now, mother in law is joining this, making our times of 2 of us (or 3 of us even less).

    The matter is that, in her generation, mom in law should live with son, but world really changes, and she has not changed.

    What should I do?

  • 咁就想離婚,離啦,你個仔真係慘

  • Divorce? Do you really know what are you talking about?

    You should talk+yell to your husband.

  • 邊有話以前定依家, 只係你唔鍾意, 就算依家都有好多人同家姑一齊住, 相安無事, 但因為咁就話離婚, 你真係唔多適合結婚.

  • how do your husband feel?

  • Think careful, divorce is not the only option.

  • try to discuss first, anyway, u know the decison right, i have same problem with u, wanna chat in msn? raceman@live.hk

  • Well, the baby is your son and also her grandson, so it is natural for your mother in law to visit the baby that frequent. She did have the courtesy to give you notice eventhough it is less than an hour notice.

    What has your mother in law done that's bugging you cos you didn't say?

    Don't forget she is the mother of your husband, so how would you like it if your own mother is being treated badly by your husband?

  • I am sure you are a polite and nice to anyone you meet whether at work, or in public. As your mother in-law does not owe or under any obligation to you, so if you do not need to respect her, then why does she not deserve the basic civility from you?

    But let's hear your side of story .....

  • What will You do?

    Well....ok, like what you said, the MIL is really annoying but hey...she's not there to do harms to the baby whereas I honestly do not trust the maid though. Having MIL there to keep an eye on the maid, I can return to the bedroom and have a break. Out of sight and out of mind, or better still go out and meet up with some friends. Not many mothers have this kind of luxury, a lots get stuck in the apartment all the times and dealing with new born baby with not much experience, They get all stressed out and then depression. So don't look at it negatively.

    As for giving her the keys... well, if you don't like it, then don't !

  • 妳的奶奶也衹不過是疼孫心切吧了........妳又何須如此苦惱........




    這又有何不樂呢 ~~~~

  • just talk to your mother in law and your husband ...together!

  • open the topic directly. with out any worry  and guessing

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