just for a chat

  • just break up with gf, no mood! just for a chat, i am 30+ man

  • seems nobody interest for a man thread! just boring and no mood and for a chat!

  • mind leaving ur msn ?

  • cheer

    i also bk up with gf

    can we tlak in msn nnow ?


  • added

  • cheer,

    thks for your reply! just for to chat here more first! i just want to know why girl can break up so easy? can u tell something about u?

  • cheer

    not see ur msn ga?

    u said hi to me in msn r

    i am online now

  • i also dont know why guys can break up so easy...i broke up with him for 2 weeks.

  • hi,wilson, why u say that, it's ur gf to say break up?

  • wilson,

    Nowadays gals in hk are independnt , powerful , theydont need guys to support them .

    i dont know your story , but just can say that she has got her choices as well as you've got yours .

    ways are all along , u can stop in the middle or you can choose to get to the end . whom you could meet in the middle ? FAITH

  • greentea, yup, it's my gf say break up, but nothing happen before! maybe i am boring man and she's still young! i just want to have ordinary life!

    thks, cheer! hk girl is independent! i agree! but seems not easy to deal with!

  • well.... there must be reasons behind her acts. What's her reason for breaking up?

  • silly,

    sorry to hear about that! why break up ar? i also just break up for 2 week! still feel tough feeling!

    hi all, what u like to do in leisure time? i prefer see movie and play sport like badminton, squash and tennis!

  • hi wilson, you have to look forward, maybe she is not your Ms. Right, hope you will find someone you can love in your entire life

  • wilson

    you sex with me then I get a BB you broke up with me

  • ee, she just suddenly send me a sms to say break up! one day before, i cannot call her and afraid she have any accident so i go to her home but her sister said that she is not here! then i receive her aforesaid sms at night!...

    i don't have third party and hardworking! really not know why!

  • wilson

    why? long story. but i trigger it. it seems like that it is my fault.

    i still feel very bad every day whenever i have time and think of him, I love him so much and that's why i did something wrong to ruin the relationship. i want him back..

    i gotta go out, chat later.

  • sorry! yuki! i not look for sp/one night stand, maybe u go wrong place!

    mia! thanks! silly! goodbye!

  • wilson ,

    this action tells she's too young , not in age but in mind.

    get a mature gf next time , it would be better .

  • maybe la! cheer, u stil here? just think you have someone to add u in msn bor!

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