can i find a chatmate / soulmate here to share life ? Im a normal 32 man.

  • hope to meet u right here

  • 有d咩想share 呢?

  • welcome vivi

    i just checkout i could share to no one within my msn list..

    life been rather tough lately.. witness many changes while hav to pretend strong during the day

  • no complaint at all... just will be a bit moody while sit in a quiet room at night

  • Hi there, seems I have so many faces during day time...and feel a little bit moody when I'm home alone

  • 你好啊.

  • hi Mia and Alice

    welcome u all. hope we could hav a relax night here

  • schk


  • Mia,

    i hv a wounded heart lately, while i couldnt let anyone know that.

    hav to pretend strong , pretend nth happened

  • i also wanna share, the fact is........i wanna have a gf

  • 人前人後緊係會ng同的面孔, 不過最緊要係ng好無左自己.

  • Alice,

    actually kind of moody feel.... but dont wanna make the topic too heavy laa... haaaa :P

    how's ur weekend ?

  • vivi,

    ya, thats true. maybe i just hav too much 自己... needa learn how to put down some of that .... :)

  • xyrena,

    imagine u got a gf say she like u very much now... but turn to be she dun hav a true heart to u as she just want someone to kill time...

    what would u think ?

    sometimes u could just treasure the freedon u hav now

  • ....但係我今日的心悄都好down.不過學你話頭唔好講呢d喇............

    今日我成日都係一個人係屋企. 無野做....呆

    xyrena 你好啊

  • Alice, just go ahead if u wanna share.

    u know, men's moody is usually much severe than female ar .... haaaaa

    so i just better dont release to much here :P

  • SCHK

    算喇. 唔開心左成日喇, 新的一天又開始左喇. 但都多謝你

    你呢, 今日去左邊啊??

  • schk, too much...可能你自己太強, 可以試下同其他人傾下or聽下其他對你的睇法. 可以更知道自己係點.

    alice; 有咩ng開心ar? 傾下會好d ga wow :)

  • Alice,

    i go for ball game tonight with fds to releaed myself

    vivi, ya, luckily i hav some gd fds who understand me well.

  • just as i said before, i cant tell the whole picture to them

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