guity, rational, unreal, imagination, and serious

  • vocab. competition?

  • Complicated feelings which described how most of the ppl in affairs feel.

    A married man / woman falls in love with the one who he/she think is the true love.

    Love is there, man/woman strongly and rationally feels that, but yet, it is too beautiful to be real.

    As deep down in the heart, man/woman knows that even two parites are seriously in love and treasure each other, however,  this can't go any further, or else one of two would get hurt. 

    Guilt araises after man/ woman realizes the happeniess his/ her love one looks for is something he/she can't offer, the sweets turns out to be something that can only stay in the imagination. 

    In reality, the truth is ugly. If you are not ready to let go but yet forced to.

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