Today's threads are so boring, so open up a new thread to see anyone wanna some chats??!!

  • gent, hi

  • 支持,每日每晚Dpost 都係咁boring

  • hi dml

    how are u doing after the holidays? super bored here!!

  • kat

    你都覺?以前都有d 比較interesting 既,而家都好難搵到一條想入去傾既!!!

  • gent,


    haha, super agree and super super agree! ;)

  • gent, of course ! so boring that i don't want to leave anything there!

  • yes, ladies

    just found threads asking for sl/sp.............. & many of these hosts just opened the thread then disappeared~~~

  • totally agree!!! start a thread then disappeared!

    how come, omg

  • hi kat, have you been those threads before? i am a regular chatty in one of that kind, the host does come back once a while. haha, i think the host is a super-busy person. :)

  • i think some of these threads are just fake!!!

    u know, some ppl use this method to collect msn/email for sale. that's why we got all these junk mails~~~

  • gent,

    haha, even the chance is slim, ppl don't want to miss the chance. :P

  • i know, i often see doxens of guys leaving their contact to try their luck~~~

    sometimes found it so funny :-)

  • gent,

    they are increasing the chance of exposure, others may add them if their 'CV' is attractive. ;)

  • hahahaha............. of coz they "try" to make (up) their cv as good as possible~~~

    but whether these are reliable would be another issue lor !!!

    just wonder how come every guy is 180cm or above while i seldom see these tall guys on the street~~~

  • gent,

    they all hide in she and wait for to be discovered.

    perhaps you should start a thread and call as :

    "how to write CV in she" :P

  • dml, some of them la, but actually i just walk around and leave a line, then go out too, they replied too slow la, hhaa

  • kat,

    no worry, i will be staying here, make sure you come and drop a line for me, i will response as soon as i can. :)

  • dml

    u mean i ask for assistance or i brief the others on writing up a "she"-cv ?

  • hahah, thanks dml, you are so sweet

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