a really decent guy is hoping to find a matching lady as lover... details inside

  • 29, 178cm, 70kg, decent looking, study abroad and work in a professional field... outgoing, good sense of humor, gentle and polite...

    the ideal ones should be pretty, elegance, sweet and caring... i think it's hard to find such a gal but if you are confident of yourself we could still start a chat~

  • what is your annual income?

  • Helen,

    I don't mind to give u a rough idea if we get to know more, but how does it relate to a date?

    do you know all your friends/bfs annual income?

  • from HK$3-8M plus bonus

  • helen,

    that's not my question, can you read them again pls?

  • no free meal in the world, next time don't mention PROFESSIONAL if you are not qualified

    on 9

  • helen,

    唔好咁猛火, 係專科醫生醫務所做掃地, 都係 professional field

  • helen,

    i'm here not first for a fight, i'm here to meet some decent girls

    i welcome any nice person to come in for a chat, but that definitely isn't you

    whoever told you that a professional mean to make millions per annum? e.g. accountants are professional but many of them don't even make a million a yr, does it mean they don't gain respect?

    i pay no respect to people like you, no matter you are guy or gal, that who look at money in the first place

  • 講得岩, 香港好多夫妻唔係只講錢, 佢地會申請綜援去旅行講心

  • is there any thoughtful girl around?

  • Mr. Grass,

    Guess there aren't that many professional ladies around.

    貓仔 are you profesional in 專科醫生醫務所做掃地 ? LOL

  • no no no, 我係專業淫事

  • easy,

    finally i find a normal person here...

    i guess there's many, but just trying my luck since it's typhoon night and there maybe more ppl who could leave early and have some spare time for a chat

  • It's not easy to find someone for decent chat really, like shooting the stars in the sky... you need to be really lucky.


    點專業法? 分享一下可以嘛? ^^

  • easy,

    shooting the stars? that's impossible... lolz...

    how about you? any luck for you so far?

  • Why would I be here if I got a star in my hand? LOL

    Well, I just wander around here and kill time while working. Will see how things go.

  • good to hear..

    basically i'm here to kill time and hoping to hv some luck..

    but seem like it's quite unlikely

  • So what are you looking for really? Maybe you could make it clear so your Ms. Right won't be confused.

  • what do u feel like i'm looking for based on what i typed here?

  • I can see the kind of gals you are looking for, but what are you looking them for?

    That was my question.

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