I love someone who don't love me, 4 years, she is my wife...

  • You have no idea how many stale marriages exisit in this world and the chances are good there are couples living next to you, above you or below you who seldom have interactions during dinner or in bed.

    So you have committed yourself with a wrong soulmate or has she turned sour over the years ? 

    Have you seen couples who mutter less than a few words over the course of dinner in restaurants ? I have and believe me it's more often than you think.  I call these people zombies.  It's a dead end and no way out for these folks. How about a bit of encouragment ? you are not alone

  • are you trying to make up a story to cheat girls here or you are telling the truth? 

    if you are telling the truth, why did  you  spent  your energy   at  posting 69 threads at she.com?  you should use the energy to treat her better. 

  • you first registered she.com member at 2002, how many girls you have hooked up so far?  

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