where's our favourably heart. we all miss you

  • Pls surface up.

    I promise I wont tease you again.


  • maybe he's still here but with another nick, who knows.

  • maybe he's sleeping at the other side of the world, who knows. wakaka

  • 4x,

    how dare you open this thread to tease me again? lol

    i'll better miss the following sweet ladies from my heart ^.^

    Esweetie (Elsa)

    Gsweetie (Gosh)

    MLsweetie (ML)

    MoveSweetie (Move on)

    Rsweetie (Renee)

    if any buddies afraid of continue public/private chat with me will causes trouble. stay away from me then. i am so scare now. kekekeee.

    BTW i'm in NY right now fighting for my life. no worry buddies i'm still alive yet busy only.

  • Hi ~

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