I just wonder…..

  • I have been looking around for quite some times, many of you guys are just leaving your e-mail or MSN, but saying nothing?! Does that work? Can anyone tell me?


    Is it so easy to get a reply from a lady by just leaving an e-mail address? And perhaps later on go to bed?


    I just wonder…..

  • I doubt it too.

    I bet they thought it makes no harm at all to leave only msn contact at every single thread. If only one works out, they win it all. That's the basic ideology.

  • I would say that is an abuse. Just like a dog pissing around.

  • Hi Valentine,

    I understanding your feeling. Maybe most of the guys don't want to chat in front of the public and prefer chat privately.

    Are you free to chat now? Not working?

  • Why is that? There is nothing to hide!!

  • 101% Agree with Cathay cat. Even I am a boy, I hate just leaving the msn and go. Seems like after cum and gone out of bed or sleep immediately. No responsibility at all

  • Valentine,

    What are you looking for in here?

  • 男主人 replied @ 2009-05-12 2:59 pm


    What are you looking for in here?


    Cant you read the English, my dear web admin!?

  • Dog pissing around just to claim it's turf.

    Ppl leaving their msn around without further elaboration obviously has no connection to turf claiming.

    I once talked to a girl nf. She said she didn't mind to add those ppl. She would delete them with a click if she felt he's not her cup of tea. Though I commented this as a stupid act, she obviously didn't agree with me.

    So when demand exists, there is supply. Simple as that.

  • I agree with you Valentine,

    but thats demand & supply

    think about it other way, you can ignore those simple leaving their email

  • Valentine, u got a nice tatoo, if the one in photo is u

  • I am did that. When you say demand and supply, what do u mean by that?

    Who is demanding? and demanding what?

    Who is supplying? and supplying want?

    Dont get me confused.

  • Leaving a msn or e-mail without saying anything doesnt work.

    It's all about sharing in here.

  • there are too many guys and less gals


    you got a lot of screening to do

  • Valentine,

    What u you want ?Or if you want to know somebody, you can tell to leave xxxxxxxxx

    I am single 35,from UK. Like to chat ?

  • Hey Valentine, law is simple

    Boys are demanding for free lunch. Girls are demanding for different things like somebody take care of them or some real fun. No matter whatever things they are looking for, this is group as "DEMAND"

    Sometimes, girls will supply themself to those 'handsome' boy for either one night stand or whatever. And for sure vice versa. Sometimes, both are so horny that they satisfy each needs.

    So so simple law!

  • CoupleMatch,

    ha ha ha, what kind of laws are that?! do funny? and is it law or is it demand?

    luckly we dont have you as the law-maker in HK. lucky us.


    saw your name often but seems you dont have a good reputation !

  • Valentine,

    I am 29, single, what would you like to know more?

  • Valentine,

    Yes, because I am not muscle man and handsome guy, all girl here are looking for handsome, muscle and rich, single, haha. That's why !!!

    Good reputation ? what's that, but I do not have any bad comment !!!!

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