• I am an OL with decent look

    I like reading, listening to music and waching movie

    I am family oriented

    Not smoke, Nor drink

    I believe feeling is very important to start a relationship

    If you are 30+ with a sincere heart and serious to build up a long term relationship, please add me to see if we are match,

    Life is short, why not give it a try?

    The greatest regrets in our life are the risks we did not take

    If you think you might have found the one you have feeling with, treasure it and treasure her

    Remember that we pass this way only once. Time don't wait.

    Don't let her run away.  Don't let fear hold you back.

    Give it a try, or else you might have regrets later

    No one, other than yourself, knows what you really like.......

    My MSN is evelyntheone@hotmail.com

    No SP/SL Pls!

  • evelyntheone,

    i concur with you in principle. i added you already and hope we could chat over msn ! cheers


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