Are you jobless like me?

  • What's wrong with being unemployed? I was stupid enough to quit the 'dream job' b4 the crisis. So?

    After working for 6 years non-stop, I consider this a career break at my own cost.

    Am not looking for a 'rice ticket' as I don't need one. But am looking foward to chat with people from different walks of people as long as u are COOL and NICE!

  • typo.... should be 'different walks of life'

    my apologies

  • as same as u

  • morning davD

    thx for your meesage :)

    I was just too fad up with those keeping asking me for being unemployed blah blah blah

    So I decided to have the 'standard answer' posted :)

  • ??

  • Beech,

    So any plan for you to enjoy this "vacation" in your life break time?

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