Anyone ever had a date with Kristy?

  • please add : ... to recollect our memories

  • I did few years back and just wonder whether she is still around finding SPs and experience of you guys with her. Mine was wonderful ...

  • How do you guys felt of her? share here or in MSN, just want to have a recollection of our memory with her.

  • there so many Kristy. how old is she?

  • Short hair, late 20s, busty

  • Anyone?

  • i am not sure whether she is the same one u mention, we went out twice, but we had not had sex then, cos she was m according to her, and after that, we were so busy in our own work and never met again, but the last time i called her, which is around a yr ago, she told me that she got aids, nothing more we had chatted, and since then i deleted her phone and so no update news from her

  • Bro, you serious? I never tried with her again ever since ... maybe I was lucky?

  • Coollala ... add me to chat in MSN?

  • well, be honest, i am not sure whether u keep body check, u never know when she got it and aids and hiv virus can hide for 10 yrs

    so if u have not done a body check for yrs, u should go for it for safe

  • Coolcoolala, thanks. I am pretty sure we are talking about two different person or else I guess I know who you are :)

  • doesnt matter, it is not a curse, just say what i know, and it maybe 2 different person, cos i cant prove it anyway since i dun her contact now

    but as long as u r happy, everything is fine, just remember the good thing :)

  • Sure Cool ... she told me she is clean .. not sure why she told you she had HIV at that time .. humm

  • Kristy = joe ?

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