Any girl here living at the states? I'm 27 y/o livin' at the states as well

  • just treating this as a platform to acquiant chinese/hk girls~~

    of course, random chatters from other places are welcome as well =)

    I'm 27 years old, decently educated, reasonably nice, definitely single, legitimately interested in befriendin' females, commonly known as loquacious, mostly outdoorsy and moderately adventurous. 

    Anyway... let's chill

    I hate losing efficiency in refreshing message board page - this is such a bad protocol for instant chat

    so add me on MSN if you wish to be a friend =)

    MSN -

  • hi where in the states do you stay?

  • Hi Rose,

    I'm livin' on the west coast~~ =)

    We'll chat more w/ the city on IM?

  • San Fran?


    San Diego?

  • hey Rosie, hmmm for some reason I'm always nervous about disclosing way too much on public internet arena... I'm sorry realy not trying to be an a-hole... =)

    but I'm not in either of the cities you listed =)

  • lol

    you have bad experience be4?

  • haha...

    Just that hk people community is not large within any given city.

    I'm just personally not a huge fan of letting people know that I'm posting online to search for female acquaintance LOL

  • So, you are not in sizable city. ^.^

  • haha.. not like tiny city - smaller than LA/SF

    But still, people know each other very well~

    just 2 hops, you know every hk people in the city~

  • Long time no chat Zero. How's life treating you ?

  • sure thing, barbiedoll, we've chatted be4 (not a whole bunch a few message exchanges thru the msg board) ;-)

    anyhow, yea, been out from this msg board for a while, life've been busy and a lil stuffy haha, that's how I ended up here lookin' for random chills. I should say, I'm lucky that I didn't get too affected by the economic turmoil, still have a job and still getting paid as-is at least =P

  • Zero can be in Seattle, there are quite a lot of chinese too.

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