23 years old gal looking for part time lover

  • Even though i keep telling ppl / myself that i want to step back into a serious relationship again... deep down i know it's just a big bunch of bull...

    Wat i'm really looking for .. (please don't judge me... )

    A lover / fling who's easy on the eyes

    tall, cute, relatively stylish

    middle class ... money issues = reality.. which kills romance

    knows how to spoil a girl.. when to say the rite thing  ...who cares if he means it or not

    knowledgable ... so i can listen to him when he wants to talk without being annoyed

    not too available... i'm busy enough as it is full time relationship is not for me

    good in bed...   minimum requirement for a lover , rite?

    please note that i'm looking for a lover.. not a sp... there must be some sort of romance and attraction....

    well.. i know this is a big list .... hopefully i'm lucky enough ~~  

    just send me ur pic and contact by email if ur interested, thanks for ur time.

    email: dearesttiana@ymail.com

  • hi nice to meet you

    but i am tall indian guy

    do u like an indian tall guy

    bit busy also but can manage the time as part time lover but wif honesty ?thx

  • if you're free at athkg@live.com to your msn for a bit of a chat.

    i think we might be looking for similar things.

    a bit too impatient to deal with the whole e-mail thing, so if you aren't interested good luck in finding what you want :)

  • hi holla i add you but y r not online

  • i'm a guy. go away rush786.

  • i don't know... should i just give out msn? .. kinda new to this whole internet-> real life thingy...

  • hi there Tiana

    really a long list, dare not say i m fully meet the above list

    but i m confident about myself

    communication and mutual respect are the most important stuff to work

    add my msn for a chat if interested


  • tiana,

    I believe I satidfy your requirement.

    If you do not comfirtable left your msn, please add me below


  • hi, i m 25

    please add me to chat

    msn: paul.chan.msn@hotmail.com

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