Taipei Girl looking for Friendship or love relationship

  • Taipei Girl just arrived in Hong Kong for a few months is looking for BF or just friends!

    nice = confidient, polite, considerate and honest. 

    Are you over 170cm, single, with funny character, enjoy life and drive? A little bit romantic will be a plus!

    Hope to meet the right person! Even if I cannot, still hope to meet some friends. Girls are also welcome.

  • 嘩.早上好呀..真的台妹喔?

  • being a friend is ok?

    as i have a gf already..

  • nice to meet you Taipei girl

  • Yes, Real Taipei girl.

    Nice to meet you.

  • 您好..請問你在香港工作嘛?

    哈哈.我在練習我的國語..希望你能看得懂 ^^

  • 安安taipeiG

  • nice to meet you, I just wanted to be friend with you, ok?

  • hi there~ welcome to hk ^^

  • Yes, I work in Hong Kong on contract. My colleague introduce to me this site. I find very interesting! I am practising guangdonghua too. But I speak mostly English at work.

  • TaipeiG, welcome aboard!!!

  • taipeiG

    where do u work in the hong kong ?

  • hi...taipeiG

    how are u?

    may i be ur friend

    if so add me pls

    i am waitting for u?

  • do u have msn ? let's talk

  • i've been to tp several time, the girls there are very nice and talkative.

  • Very happy to have many replies in short time.

    How are you all? really hope to know some new friends. As all my friends are in Taiwan or US, some in UK....sometimes feel lonely.

    Hong Kong is not big, I went to many places already.

  • Ha ha, then i can teach u guangdonghua, & you can teach me Madarian by return^^.......Of course we can communicate in English la.......

    I am Hong Kong Man~

  • hope u not find bored with repeated replies and questions too soon

  • msn means messanger? the chat thing? I haven't got that, but will try to install tonight when I am home. I just need to invite you by adding the email address, right?

  • 我31歲 ... 外表OK ... 中等身材 ...

    健談 ... 細心有風度 ...

    想識女仔 ...

    E-mail / Msn ~

    Tel ~ 9233-7663 Ken

  • Yes just need to ad the msn address that i give u is ok .......very simple to use^^. If you are interest can add my msn also...

    My msn is :

  • so many replies, can't read them all...

    I work in Causeway Bay, near Lee Garden.

    Many people told me they like Taiwan Girls...because they think they are elegant and girly. I actually spent many years in other countries, not sure if I am still the kind of Taiwan girl people expected. : D

    But sure my mandarin is still good and can be a teacher for those who needed.

  • TaipeiG,

    pls add me at tonioght?

    and love to have more time to see if u r still girly as we expect..

  • OK, guys, I will try my best to get the msn thing tonight. Sounds exciting and will have a busy night!

    How come no girls around?

  • hahaha, I just note there is "EdisonChan" here! Flattered that he left a message to me.

    This is really a fun thing!

  • as they think they cannot compete with a girly TaipeiG

  • candidate, you sound like you have issue with local girls!

  • Causeway Bay is a good place to shopping & eating too.....i think you can fullfill the stomach ~

  • Hello TaipeiG

    I would like to be your friend, I am single now, can you add my msn?

  • Yes, I like Causeway Bay - basically have everything one needs.

    I haven't had my lunch yet....what should I have today?

  • TaipeiG,

    not at all, i like HK girls.

    just i like TaipeiG more, even i had date with one so far..

  • Hello TaipeiG, I like Taiwan very much. I always visit there. especially the book store, night market and the food.

    How old are you? May be we can be friends, I live near to Causeway.

    I am in my early 30.

  • taipei g

    nice ti meet you

    i live hk n work here but i am not chinese

    do u mind ,for friend first

    bf or closed fr ,depend on feeling so better way to start friend first.

    know each one more right

  • Hi HKgirl, SOOOOOOOO nice to hear from you. You are the first gal replied me. and so good to know you live close to causeway bay. I love the local culture in Taiwan too. I think I am in same age range as you. How can we contact each other?

    Rush786, you are not Chinese? So where are you from?

  • i am from india and i live hk more then 10 years

    i can communicate in cantonese too

    ?tell me about you

    how long u been hk n wht do u do here


  • hi taipeig

    can you introduce some good spots in taipei coz i will be going for a trip in april....

  • hello taipeig﹖are you here﹖

  • virgina, sure.

    Have you been there before? Only Taipei? or also other parts?

    Shi Lin 士林夜市 night market is a must go. the Subway will bring you there directly.

    Cheng Pin book store

    公馆 night market opposite to 台大 (also take subway)

    you should know 101 buidling, Yuan Shan Hotel for afternoon tea is nice. you can also go to Gu Gong Museum which is close by.

    Yang Ming Shan or Beitou for - Hotspring?

    Opposite to Taipei Station - 重庆南路 - many book stores

    淡水 - just take the subway. don't forget the fishball soup.

    西门町 - for young people.

    九份/野柳?will that be too far away? they are in the NE coast.

    Hope this help! have a nice trip.

  • Hi TP Gal, nice to meet and how are you lately :D

    am local guy but spent sometimes in US & EU continent plus Asia as well.

    wondering have you turned on your MSN account yet? lets chat over msn, keen to know you more :)

  • Yes virgina, sorry for my slow reply. There are many places to go and I was tricked by the computer as I dont know how to type chinese without using Taiwanese Pinyin.....took me a little longer, sorry. Hope you like my suggestion. If you are going to other places too, let me know. sure I can suggest some other good spots to you.

    HKer - Thanks, you sound nice! I haven't installed the msn thing yet. Will do it tonight at home. will you give me your email?

  • hello TaipeiG

    nice to meet you

    I often go to Taipei due to my work

    I just camr back from TaiNam

    can we be friend and chat more?

    my MSN is

  • Hi again TPGal

    you are sounds nice & sweet too:

    herewith my email address and msn contact as well ""

    by the way, thought I can gave my helping hands on computer definitely :D

  • Hi Coleman, nice name. I will try to install the msn thing tonight. I like Tainam 米糕very much! Missing the Taiwanese food!

  • HKer - :)

    Thanks for offering to help. You like scuba diving? surely will like to talk to you further!

    I am very hungry and get something to eat....


  • thx for your replies

    I like the Taiwan food very much

    I like going to night market and taste different traditonal local food.

    please feel free to add my MSN and email to keep contact

    thank you

  • TPGal

    yea, I'm a diver and so in love with ocean :D

    gogogo to get some hot foods, talk to you around :)

  • Hi TaipeiG

    What an interesting thread. Bet most buys will be attracted to your thread soon.

  • Hi, Taipei 美眉,

    I really like Taiwan and Taiwanese and I'm so glad to have a chance to make friend with u. I know someone in Taiwan too but haven't contact a very very long time. I know speaking a little bit 台語 and listening most of them ! I like reading, music, movie...... and many different kinds of Taiwan cultural which are lacked in Hong Kong.

    Do u know that HK is named " 文化沙漠 "

    Besides, 香港國際電影節 " is holding now, u can check with it.

    A Taiwan style cafe is quite good in MK, here is the details

    maybe it can solve your homesick. If u like I can take u there, I know the boss he's a nice guy who know Taiwan so much.

    Though HK is small, it still has many good places worthing to visit.

    My MSN is :  li_sor@live。cn

    and e-mail :   li_sor@yahoo。com。hk

    Nice to know u, talk to u later !


  • Halo, TaipeiG.

    I love to get friend with different culture. As i can learn a lot from them. Would u mind to become one of my fd?

    Yet, i don't think i am subitable to be your bf.

    Although i am tall enough, with good quality. i am too young to say enjoy lift right now. (just 24)

    So, would you mind to keep contact with me though email?

  • hihi, i am male ..31 , 168 tall , ok looking , have car ....nice to meet friend from Taiwan ....nice to meet you ...please add to have a nice chat and further discussion !!

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