does sincerity still matters?

  • interesting how ppl could just copy and paste a standard self-intro message and hoping to get lucky? does sincerity counts for anything these days?

    you know the funny bit? it's written in broken english, take a look:

    football, bbq, war game, singk and see movie~~~~~  << it's 'watch' movie, not see

    Can we make a friend???^-^  << unless you want to make a baby, it's can we 'be' friends not 'make'

    Does sincerity still matters to people?

  • IMHO, it really depends on what one looks for.

    if he/she looks for casual friendship, then sincerity may not be needed as they wanna get a result ASAP, it doesnt matter if the result good for them. however, if one looks for something more, like a decent friendship, then i believe sincerity is important.

    and i believe, what goes around, comes around... if they are not sincere in meeting new friends, they wont have any "friends" at all...

    btw, dont be too serious in this virtual platform, haha... most of them have twisted mind. :)

  • hi v1337,

    Yes you are correct as most ppl here really don't care what they are writing, they only concern on whether they meet any new people here.

    And as to save time, they won't mind whether they make any grammatical mistakes cuz or they even don't know about it. Take it easy.....

  • total agree with you PrincessDaisy

  • what goes around, comes around << well said

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