If you are a single guy...

  • I would like to make some new fds here... or maybe a bf, if it works......

    My Ideal you: Smart, speak fluent English, fun to be with, would sometimes like a glass of wine, mature, below 35,  with a stable job,  gotta love cars (coz I do) so it's better if you drive then we can always go for a ride, I can drive too. lol

    About Me: In my 20's, cheerful person who always make people laugh, used to travel a lot when I was little, now settled in HK, can speak Cantonese but still learning how to write ^.^ Funny but a little bit spoiled.... hahaha!!

    If you are married or have a gf, you are welcome to leave a friendly message too =) But if you are looking for a SL or SP or whatever, please don't waste your / my time. I only need friends.

  • If I were single, I will try.

  • 呢個咪正宗"港女"囉

  • fxxk replied @ 2009-03-24 1:58 am


    From what perspective you can see she's a 港女 重要係正宗個種?

  • I do feel the same as fxxk..

    she's really 港女

    sigh.... no wonder we got criticize, it's because of them...

  • automan: that's ok we can still be friends ^-^

    hubby: your msn scared me off... lol

  • 證明我冇講錯喇



    去 LKF 搵老細喇

  • hi, abbie

    may i?


  • add我﹗專搵港女o既老細

  • abbie replied @ 2009-03-24 2:06 am

    automan: that's ok we can still be friends ^-^

    You study overseas? Where you had travel and where you stay most of the time?

  • Just felt too tired and decided to go to bed soon, then I came across this post.

    Although, admittedly, I think I am not the ideal person you are looking for, I would like to make a new friend like you, if you dont mind.

    Would you like to add my MSN? My MSN is the gmail account with the same nickname as I do in SHE.

    In case you don't prefer/use MSN at all. I will go back and check this thread later tomorrow and we may talk here. But it is not guaranteed since I am very busy at work recently.

  • automan: yes, I'm half Chinese, grew up overseas... I was in UK and France most of my life.

  • Sounds nice and I think you can speak French too (of coz English). How was life there? Is the diet make you ......! HAHA

  • taorutan: I'm about to go to bed too, 4 meetings coming up tomorrow... I guess I will add your msn in 15 minutes, since I'm installing the update version. You think you will wait? Cheers ^-^

  • automan: French? A little only... can't really communicate :p

  • abbie replied @ 2009-03-24 2:18 am

    automan: French? A little only... can't really communicate :p

    I knew a gal from internet back from French too. Pretty but fat! HAHA... Get married and have a good family now!

  • Good for her!

    I guess there aren't many HK people back from France, are there?

  • hm...i know 3 only, 1 French, 1 mix and 1 hk gal.

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